Baby Shower Gifts

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Micky - May 10

What are the kind of things you usually give at baby showers ? I mean a range for the dollar value..sometimes I have no idea how much I should spend when buying gifts for baby showers and then I worry if it is too less ?


mcatherine - May 10

I think it may depend on who the shower is for. If it is a close relative or close friend, I would spend more than say I would for a co-worker or someone I am not really that close with. Some women have more money to spend on things like swings and pack-n-plays, while others simply cannot afford to buy something so expensive and have to stick with the smaller items like blankets and onesies - which are just as needed. My general rule of thumb (and mine only) is $30 -$40 range for someone not so close and mostly over $75 for the women I know on a more personal level. I think any gift is a sign of kindness and is appreciated by moms to be.


michellep - May 10

I would give what you can reasonably afford. If you are worried about spending too little, you could always see if someone wants to go in on a larger item. My family does that a lot for showers, and it's nice because sometimes the larger items are not given because they are too expensive for people to afford. Just a thought. I'm sure anything will be appreciated though.


kmwebber - May 10

I usually spend between $80-$100 for close friends and family and around $40 for aquaintences. For one of my best friends baby shower I got her the diaper bag she registered for and filled it with safety plugs, bottles, sippy cups, onsies, safety laches for cabnets, baby medicine kit, bath kit, a baby towel, baby spoons, and the bowls that fold in half that you can carry in the diaper bag as well as a couple outfits. One for 0-3 months and another from 6-9 months. I put the sippy cups and spoons and stuff for a little older in there because everyone buys for a new baby and don't seem to realize these babies grow up and mothers need the other stuff for the other stages as well.


ThePezChick - May 11

I just had a shower and the gifts I got ranged from $15 to $100. All of these were from coworkers. (I'm a teacher) The larger gifts were when a few people who combined money for a gift. My close friends spent around $50.



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