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Ashley - March 1

Is 53 people too many to invite to a baby shower? I am not counting on everyone to show up, but I didnt want to leave anyone out. My boyfriends family is having a shower for me but so far they have told me that I can invite my mom, so my mom is also throwing me a shower so we can invite my friends and my family too. I just wondered if anyone else has invited a lot of people? My mom said I can invite as many people as I want....I just dont want to "over do it"....ya know?


Ashley - March 1

Also, Do you think its rude to ask for no kids to attend the baby shower?....


Dia - March 1

Hi Ashley - I wish I had your problem :) I am 800 miles from my family and 1200 miles from DH's family...and I can't afford to attend my showers - even though they are all still throwing me one and mailing the gifts! I am only going to have about 10 people at my shower b.c I don't have many friends where I live now - however, I say go for it!!! More presents for you :) However, I think you will get a lot of conflicting views on the "no kids" thing. Also, that might make some people on your list mad...and they may not come b.c of it. I understand where you are coming from with the "no kids" thing, but maybe they will all be playing in a room and out of everyone's way? But, in the end, do what you want!!!


Ashley - March 1

I wouldnt mind the kids If I were having it at someones house...but we rented a club house and its 1 big room and then another room for the It would be difficult.....I dont know what to do! Some of my friends that I really want to come have kids and most of them being younger kids (like 2, 3, 5 or younger....) I dont know what to do!


Hi Ashley - March 2

The funny thing about the kids thing is that in 5-6 years you will probably wonder why you were worried about having kids there. I can understand asking people not to bring them to weddings/engagements etc, but I think you should leave it open for the baby shower. A lot of people with little ones wont bring them anyway, and the others will probably get offended if you ask for no kids. If you end up having a lot of people the kids probably wont make much difference as it will be a bit crazy anyway! Enjoy!


Olivene - March 2

Allow the kids. It could be seen as hypocritical- I mean you're all getting together to celebrate a kid! I think it could cause more hurt than help to not invite them. I say as long as 53 people can fit in the room, go for it!


Allie - March 2

My sis-in-law did a "no kids" party last year, and I have two already. My daughter was VERY disapointed to be excluded by her Aunt. And then I got to the party and they had made an exception for one of the friends, and I have to say at that point I was a little offended to have my daughter (her niece) excluded when they would make an exception for someone else. If you do it, make sure it's 100%, or you will have people upset that other people were allowed to go around the rules. Personally, I plan to have all ages at my daughter is 7, and I have nieces that are 5, 12, and 14 who I would never exclude. I do, however, plan to have a "girls only" shower, so all the guys/boys will be son might not like that too much (first pregnancy, current children came with the husband)


val - March 2

I had my shower last weekend(I'm 34 wks now) and I had approximately 30 people come to my shower, and some of them did bring their kids. I have to say, 30 people was way too many. I would have enjoyed the shower much more if there were less people there, so I could have gotten to talk to everyone that I wanted to...also when I was opening presents, with that many people there it's hard to keep the focus just on one person, so there was quite a bit of talking amongst the guests going on while I was opening...which actually hurt my feelings, I really felt like it was not a day centered around me, just a big ol get together of people chatting. The kids didn't bother me for the most part, except one of the 5 year old girls...she was being rude to everybody and getting in the way. There were only about 4 kids there though, so it's not like it was that big of a of them was a newborn. If there were more kids than that I wouldn't have liked it. Things may go different for you, but in my experience, the more people you get together, the less of a "you" day it's going to be and the more it's going to seem like just a big get together with everybody chatting and catching up with each other. If that doesn't bother you, go for it and invite all the people you want to invite.


Ashley - March 2

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and opinions! I have asked around to some of my guest if they perfer not to bring kids and they said its really up to me....but i decided not to exclude them! But I don't think too many kids will come anyways. My total # of guest is 60 but I honestly do not believe they will all come. I work with a lot of my friends and I didnt want to exclude any of them at all! I would feel horrible if I invited one and not the other....anyways, I know for sure all of them will not come because someone has to come here to work the same day and time as my shower! Anywho, thank again everyone!!!


falafal0 - March 2

I think a big ol' get to gether never hurt anyone, especially if they bringing your baby presents and enjoying the day and the occasion and celebrating with you. You don't have to focus on everyone all the time, they don't expect you to, and will be happy to talk amongst themselves.Just look at it as a get together with family and friends before the baby comes, as it maybe difficult to do it afterwards. They will still all want to see and visit the baby, but at least they can do that at your discretion and only a few at a time in your home! Have a great time...



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