Baby Shower Ideas

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ella431 - October 15

Hey ladies! Hope your all doing well. Im about 22 weeks now, time seems to have flown by! I wanted to find out the gender, but of course the little one had the legs crossed at my 18 week ultrasound! We don't want to have to pay for an ultrasound, so I guess it'll be a surprise! Any ideas what the best way for a shower is when you don't know the gender? Should you wait till after the birth to have a shower once you know the s_x? For anyone who didn't find out the gender of your baby, what did you do? Did people just buy you neutral clothes that suit either one? Thanks for any help!


jaa - October 16

My DH and I actually wanted to wait for the surprise at birth, but in the end changed our mind for that exact reason; there just aren't many gender neutral things out there anymore, now that almost everyone knows the s_x in advance... at least not a lot of cute stuff. Even knowing it is a girl, we still registered for gender-neutral nursery things; you never know if the next one will be a boy, and who doesn't love cute baby jungle animals? But as for shower gifts, maybe you could do a lot of the necessities (I was just at a diaper and formula shower) and onesies, etc, and then gift cards for the fun/cute stuff?


sarah21 - October 17

I personally would probably wait until after the baby is born for a shower just so people can have more fun shopping for you. All of my friends have had babies recently and knew the s_x and it made it a ton of fun to go shopping for gender specific stuff. One of my friends didn't know what the s_x was until it was born, though, and it was fun to have the baby to pa__s around the shower while we could also buy gender specific gifts. What it comes down to is what you will have the most fun doing.


Krissy25 - October 18

I found out i was having a girl and i got so many pink outfits it was almost sickening, plus people got me outfits instead of getting me the things i really wanted and needed, like diapers. I say go ahead and have the shower and believe me once you have the baby people are going to go out and buy the baby outfits anyway.


tynadu - October 18

ella- I would say register at a few places so people know what you need. If you don't you will end up (more than likely) with a lot of new born stuff that your baby will only be able to wear for a month or two. I have asked people for the things I realy need and gift cards to go towards the big items like the crib. people will bring clothes anyway. I have seen a lot of nice neutral out fits in my area and online so don't worry. But, if you decide to wait I think that would be ok too. I would not, because I want to have most of the things my baby need before he get here. All that I don't get at the baby shower I will go and buy before my due date. I just want to deal with baby once baby is here. Good Luck!! We are at the same point in our pregnancy, and I don't know about you but I am loving it!



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