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sarahbaby11 - January 24

i'm due in the beginning of july with our second child. not sure yet of the s_x our first is now three years old and is a girl. i don't want a traditional baby shower where all the women come and bring gifts and sit around and play games and have lunch. instead i wanted to wait until the baby comes then have a large picnic for everyone. all i was going to ask is that people bring their own alcohol if they want it. a co worker of mine did the same and she said people rsvp and asked about gifts and where she was registered. she said it got annoying to have to answer it over and over and should have just put a card in the invite saying where she registered. i wanted an opinion on if that seems okay to send an invite and just let people know to bring their own alcohol and that food will be served. but put a card in saying where i registered. as this is my second and two family members have had babies since me nothing are big items just the little things like a bottle warmer, and carseat cover, bottles, medicine stuff etc. i don't think anything over $30.00 is on there. i just don't want it to look like i'm having a party for gifts when i really just want it to be a celebration of the baby. we lost a child due to a cystic hygroma this past july and i really want to celebrate the health of this one. on a side note we bought a new house this past april along with four other family members who bought theres. they all had hosewarming parties and registered and got gifts we never had one and don't plan on it. so i thought that maybe since we are doing this if i register it won't look greedy or anything since we skipped that whole party.


shellster - January 24

Hi Sarah, Honestly I don't think women should have a second baby shower.. HOWEVER, I think there are always acceptions to this. I think that because you went through a terrible thing last July, it would be a great idea to have a little shower to celebrate this new life! I also think that registering for gifts under $30 is very thoughtful and appropriate. I also think that your idea of having it after the baby is here and at a park for a picnic is more along the lines of a real celebration and not a traditional shower. I think this is a great idea and I hope you have lots of fun!!


Tracy88 - January 24

I love the idea of the party; however, I would leave it up to people whether they want to bring a gift or not. I realize your friend said it was a pain to respond to questions about gifts, but I still think that's a cla__sier way to go. UNLESS, you specifically call it a "party to shower baby "Suzie/Joey" and celebrate his/her birth." Wording in the invitation is key here and will help decide the most appropriate thing to do. Good luck and have fun!!!!


suze42 - January 24

I think a party to celebrate a new life is so sweet. And appropriate in your circ_mstance. Im so sorry about your loss! Anyway, my opinion is that I would not want people to feel obliged to buy a gift being its a second child. So I would definitly state something in the invite liket " plz no gifts necessary, we would like to celebrate w/friends" or something to that extent. That said, Im sure people will get you little gifts here and there...and thats great! But I think enclosing a gift registry does bring about a sense of expectation. Just my opinion! Party on!


Tracy88 - January 24

You know, I too meant to say that I am sorry for the loss you endured. That must have been so tough, so I am glad you are taking this opportunity to party and celebrate this new life!


pebblesnbambam - January 25

First of all.. soo sorry for your loss. I am having a second baby now and actually missed my own baby shower for my son because I was in the hospital sick from what they think was infection from c-section.. We will never know. So I believe we will have a babyshower put on by my sister and it is a "pot luck" shower. Everyone brings a hot dish to the shower and it can be frozen for after the baby is born. Something easy for the mom and dad to have on hand and not have to cook. I have registered for a few things on but we are talking maybe 10. More so family can easily see what it is that we need for this baby. We have already had people ask what we need.. so thought it would be easier to do that. Good luck with everything and I say that you should have the party. Specify that it is a welcome party for baby/new home and let people decide if they want to bring something.



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