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Sovi - January 15

As many baby showers as I have attended, I can't believe I'm going to ask this question...but I guess it's so different when it's you who's expecting a baby. However, when is a good time to have a baby shower? I was thinking about 2 weeks prior to the due date, but then I was reading sites and saw that baby showers are even given about 1 to 2 months prior to the due date, in case the baby is born early. Like they say, things happen. They're even given early so that the expecting mother would not be too tired by it all, so she can enjoy it, and still have time to buy whatever she doesn't receive. So, ladies, what do you think?


babyonboard16 - January 15

im having mine at the end of february and im due at the end of april...thats just so i can get the shopping all over with, and all that i personally didnt wanna have mine late


Tracy88 - January 15

Definitely have it about two months or so prior to due date for all the reasons you stated. I think some friends of mine may throw a shower for me, but if they don't am I supposed to throw one for myself or is that just rude? I have also been to many showers, but all were thrown by friends or family members. So far noone has come out and said that they are going to throw me a shower, so should I just wait and see? When I got married my MIL and SIL threw me a big shower, but not even they have mentioned a shower for the baby. I'm confused, but regardless i registered just to cover my bases. I guess I just want to make sure I have the essentials and I am paranoid that if I wait to see if a shower is going to be thrown or not, that it will be so late in my pregnancy, etc......


Kelly11 - January 15

Well I know for myself I am a total planner and want to be completely ready long before the baby gets here so I am requesting for my family/friend joint shower to be at the end of April and I am due June 2nd. So I could easily have a May baby and want to have time to go out and finish the shopping for the nursery and baby after the shower but well before he gets here. That's just my thoughts---and I would not wait 2 weeks prior because like you said there is no guarantee the baby won't be early and the farther along you are the more uncomfortable we will be getting so it would probably be more enjoyable for you to have one a bit sooner.


jodie - January 15

Hi sovi! When I was preg with my son I had 1 shower in sept and 2 in oct and he was born nov. 19th. It's a good idea to go a little in advance so you can have time to get the things you may not get. Also if you happen to go into labor early you won't miss your Good luck!


danimarie - January 16

Sovi- definately have it early....for all the reasons you said. My sister just had her first baby and he was 4 weeks early. If you have it a month or 2 early you will have time to take back duplicates, buy what you need, get everything set up and ready, still look and feel good....You are technically full term at 37 weeks so having a baby shower at 38 weeks could be dangerous!


laurenl - January 16

I'm due May 7th and I'm having one March 24 and then another (I think) the beginning of April. Tracy - I'm sure someone will throw you a shower. And if they don't people will still buy you things. I probably wouldn't give myself a shower if I were you. That may be a little weird :-)


suze42 - January 16

with my DS4 I was due early Sept and had it mid July.


kerryv - January 16

i am having mine when i will be 32.5 weeks. i wanted to have it kinda early so i stil had energy to put it all away, wash everything and return and buy the things i still need.


kerryv - January 16

tracy- just ask your family about it. no reason to wait and wonder. there is nothing wrong with asking, but i would not throw one for yourself...


niccki - January 16

I would have it at least a 1 1/2 months before your do date. Two years ago I had one for my teaching partner and we decided to do it in late Feb. two months before her due date. I thought that it was a little early but hey. Good thing we did she had her son early. He was born the next week!!! She didn't have everyhting washed or unpacked but hey she had the items at home and knew what she needed to buy. I am due at the end of April and my showers are this weekend (for work) and my family one is the first week of March.


Tracy88 - January 16

Thanks guys.....yeah, I pretty much knew that having a shower for yourself would be odd and Ms. Manners would probably not approve, but the way some people were wording their posts I wasn't sure who was the one throwing the shower, ya know? I work with all women and before we found out that another coworker was pg and due at the same time, a friend of mine had mentioned throwing me a shower, but now there are two of us there, so the shower will be bigger and I'm sure will occur. I mean, come on, I work at Pottery Barn Kids and some of my friends have mentioned how spoiled my child is going to be because of it. I guess since noone has said anything since the beginning of my pregnancy about a shower, I started to worry. The other pregnant girl at work has been the one asking me, "Are you having a shower?" and I'm like, "I have no idea?"


nanders - January 17

I think I'm going to have two! One before with my mil and her freinds and family b/c they live away, and it will be in feb. I'm due the end of april, and one after for my friends and family! That way everyone can meet the baby, and the men can smoke cigars and whatnot while the ladies have tea. My mum is throwing it for me. It will be about a month after the end of may. That way I get some stuff before and I'll have the basics on hand, besides I'm really picky when it comes to furniture and stuff anyway. Not sure if this is the proper way to do it, but oh well!



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