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Micky - May 9

Hi Ladies, I am 16 weeks pregnant ! This is my 17th week. At my last ultrasound at 16 weeks, the size of my baby was about 3.25 inches (8cm). I was expecting it to be 4 to 5 inches based on what I read on several web sites. Will you ladies please tell me what the size of your baby was at 16 weeks ?


Evonna - May 9

My baby was 4.4 inches, i think your baby's size is somewhat normal. Your baby's size is not always going to be the exact inches they say it should be. = ]


Micky - May 9

Thanks for your response...I was not expecting it to be exactly like what the web sites say but still wanted to know about other babies..i am a worry wart anyways :)


Micky - May 9

anybody else want to tell me about their babies ?


Betul - May 9

Hi Micky, I agree with Evonna, babies at this stage grow very sporadically. I am sure your baby is very normal and as long as your doctor isnt concerned I wouldn't worry about it. As for other responses to your questions, I am afriad you may not get a lot. Most women don't have an ultrasound until around the 20 week mark unless, of course, there are medical reasons that required multiple ultrasounds. An ultrasound measurement at 18-22 weeks is of course going to be drastically different than 16 weeks. Wish I could have been more help.


Micky - May 9

I understand, but I am still hoping that there will be quite a few ladies out there who had their ultrasound at 16 weeks and will share their experiences...


Micky - May 9

Any more answers will be appreciated


new mommy - May 10

My bun was 3.7 inches at 15+5.


new mommy - May 10

I have no idea how things happen in the states. Right now I am in Germany for the year and pregnant with my first. They do ultrasounds at every appointment here. And I wouldn't worry too much. So far my measurements have never been exactly what they predicted. Sometimes I am more sometimes I am less. Don't worry. It could be that your due date is not quite right too. I don't have a regular cycle for example. My cycle was always between 35-120 days. I know that is really long. But they calculated my due date off of the normal average cycle. Well I bet you anything I am not as far as they think I am.


new mommy - May 10

I take it back. I just looked back at all of my sizes an the average sizes I have found posted and I have always been about 1 week behind. So I bet my bun comes a week late.


Micky - May 10

My dates are fine as I had very regular cycles..Looks like my baby is in the average range...


AmyF - May 10

My scan was Thursday and they put me at 16w2days and my baby was 4 1/2 inches at the time.


ThePezChick - May 10

They didn't tell me in inches how big Zeb is, but at 17 weeks 1 day he was the size of a baby who is 18 weeks 4 days. Larger than he should be?


divinelibra - May 11

i have an unsatisfactory doc/nurse. they never told me any sizes except for once. and that was his OZ at 18 weeks. not length though. my specialist did an ultrasound however and said my baby was ahead of schedule for his week. so i'm not worried. but all babies grow at different paces! me and my good friend are literally a week apart and i started gaining weight and feeling baby kick way before she did!


charliepaulchloe - May 13

hi micky, i had my first scan in march and the baby measured 6wks 6 days but by my dates i was actually nearly 9 wks so they gave me 31st october as my due date. since then i have had a few midwife appointments and they have now recalculated my due date to 18th october. they said they have got to keep a closer eye on me because there is 13 days difference between my dates. the midwife picked the HB up at ( by scan dates 10wks) but was actually 12 wks even then she was surprised she got it. my bump has also gone very big i look about 5 1/2 months gone. i had IUG (intra-uterine growth retardation) with my daughter but they never took that into account when i had 1st scan. im only just starting to put weight on after losing it so im happy now. Im sure everything will be fine u will be surprised how big ur baby gets without u even realising it. good luck all. x x x



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