Baby Training For Your Husband Bf

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Amara - May 17

*grin* Are you signing up for a whole bunch of prenatal classes, just for your hubby/bf's purpose? I plan on signing him up for cpr, and then other classes for both of us. It sucks that I have to go to work, but I want to make sure that my kid is okay with him.


Lynn - May 17

I plan on signing up for Bradley cla__ses as well as the baby care basics cla__s and infant cpr. My husband has a 9 year old son so he's been there done that but I'm going to make him go anyway - he could use the refresher. Also, his son was flown to children's hospital at a few weeks old because of apnea - he was laying on the floor & just stopped breathing. My husband has apnea really bad too & I'm not sure it it's hereditary or not but I think its good to know cpr & artificial breathing techniques just in case. Also, I've never changed a diaper before in my life so I feel that I kinda need the baby care basics cla__s. I'm also going to do a breatsfeeding cla__s but I'm not making him go to that one - I think I'll spare him a little bit!:)


Jbear - May 18

My husband and I didn't take any cla__ses before our baby was born, but before we could take her home from the hospital, we had to learn infant cpr. They also made sure we could do all the basics, feed, bathe, diaper, burp, take temperature, clean the cord stump, etc. It was really rea__suring. We didn't take cla__ses, just because our work schedules were too different, and we only have one car, so even making it to my doctor's appointments was a challenge. My husband has watched my daughter for three years while I worked days, and then I've watched her while he works nights, and he's always taken excellent care of her. He won't do baths, or cut her nails, or take her swimming, but otherwise having him take care of her is almost as good as being home with her.


Maleficent - May 18

i'm so glad that my husband is such a good dad. i was a little nervous with our first baby, but once i backed off and let him care for the baby in his own way he was wonderful. he didn't do it MY way but his way worked just as well, sometimes better. if you give dad the space to bond and learn the ropes he'll do just fine. don't a__sume he's clueless, i thought mine was and now he's even more tuned into our kids than i am sometimes.



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