BABY UP SIDE DOWN Any Tips On How To Turn Baby Around

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renaye - November 21

Hi every one im 20 weeks along and went for a sacn this week and i was told that baby was the wrong way up side down i know that there is alot of time for baby to turn but im frecking out my mid wife told me that she was 20 week when she found out the same thing and her baby did not turn>> this is my first child and i want to feel every thing have you any TIPS on how i might get my baby to turn????? thanks :-)


jennifer_33106 - November 21

The baby has lots of room to turn still. If the baby does not turn on its own I know that the doctors can do it manually on your tummy. I dont know the correct terminology for that or even what the risks are. At that gestational age though they are so small and can do backflips haha. I wouldnt worry about it too much right now.


BriannasMummy - November 21

On average.. the baby wont move head down until 28 weeks.. even after that the baby has loads of room to move. My dd moved from transverse to breech.. to head down.. and back to transverse on the day she was born. ~Kristin~


another Karen - November 22

Hi. If this is your first pregnancy they're not likey to try to turn it manually. Although there's plenty of time for it to move I have read in here that diving down the the bottom of the pool repeatedly can make the baby turn.


Brendansmom - November 22

20 weeks is very early to worry about this. I had my u/s at almost 21 weeks both times and both of my boys turned around during the scan. You still have plenty of room for movement. I would think it would be more of a concern when you are past 30 weeks. Don't worry, the baby should turn!


renaye - November 22

hi thanks guys you have made me feel much better about things i know im being silly but that is just me once more THANKS


cynthia502 - November 22

Try not to worry - I had an u/s yesterday and throughout the entire time both of my babies were flipping up and down. The tech had a hard time keeping track of where they were!! This is my 4th pregnancy and BriannasMummy is right....most times babies don't start to settle into the head down position until later in the pregnancy. Some babies may keep you guessing until the day of delivery!! Good luck, try not to worry and enjoy!!!


renaye - November 22

hehe that is so cute cynthia502 so your haveing twins how kool is that i feel much better have all you people to chat to about thanks for you input


sarah21 - November 23

I am almost 23 weeks and I can feel my baby moving everywhere all the time. It will be kicking in one spot one minute and then in a totally different spot the next. Don't stress out about it yet. It'll be fine and if it's not then there are positions you can get in to encourage the baby to move and you can find a lot of these on the internet or in a book that talks about midwife a__sisted births.


Malica - November 25

If your midwife is in the habit of being unclear and making you worry needlessly over things like this (she should have told you that it's absolutely normal and far more likely for the baby to be anything BUT heads down right now), then she might be perfectly competent in her skills but is poor at communication -- something that is very important, especially for first time moms. If she consistently gives you incomplete information like this, please consider finding another midwife for your own sanity.


renaye - November 25

MALICA ~it is funny you say that my panter said the same thing you are right and i will look into it thansk


fefer1 - November 26

Like everyone has said, it's very early still and the baby has plenty of room and time to turn. One tip I did hear is that sitting on those exercise b___s and kind of rolling around on them with your hips will help get the baby in the right position for labor. Not sure exactly how. I did it for comfort in the last month or two.


renaye - November 26

kool fefer1 thanks for the tip i will have to wait till my next scan to see where this little one is


Stephanie_31 - November 28

I am 22 weeks and my baby is in the pike position side to side most times (head on the left, bum on the right). Durning the hour that they were doing my u/s yesterday the baby had its head in every position you could imagine. I wouldn't worry about it turning until you approach your final 2 weeks.


Faye84 - November 29

not alot of babies are turned face down yet, they are still flipping around! My daughter wasnt face down until i was about 32 weeks or so. some babies can even change at the very last min. and like someone else said before the doc can move the baby manually..ive heard that hurts really bad though, .



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