Baby Weighs

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Rena - October 13

12 oz. at 20 week ultrasound. Does this sound about right or is he small?


Jaci - October 13

I'm not sure. Yesterday the measured my lil' man and he weight 2 lbs. & 15 oz. at 30 weeks. Here's a website I check each has the length and weight the baby should be at how many weeks. (if there are any dashes "-" omit those)


Emy - October 13

Wow, what a cool site. Thanks for posting this...


Tiffany - October 13

At 19.2 weeks, my little guy weighed 13 ounces. All the books say the baby will weigh about 9 ounces at 20 weeks


Laurabelle - October 13

How do they weigh the baby while you are pregnant?


Jaci - October 13

they did measurements of his head, belly, and femur. it's not a routine thing. they did it because the dr. fears that i'm going to have the baby before 34 weeks so they wanted to see how he was measuring.


Danna - October 14

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday and at 20 weeks, our baby girl weighs 15 oz. My stomach has grown so much in the last couple of weeks that you'd think she weighs 2 or 3 pounds already.


kl - October 14

had my 20 week u/s today and little one weighed about 12 oz. also


Laurabelle - October 14

I know how they do measurements of the baby's body and whatnot. But how do they actually weigh how many oz. the baby is?


Jaci - October 14

I asked the tech while she was measuring everything if that was how they figured out the weight and she said yes. (i knew the dr. had ordered the weight otherwise they don't check that) she said they measure the stuff and the computer calculates and the measurements and gives you the weight. That's all I know.


Kate and Baby - October 15

I wish they would ahve told me how much my little guy weighs. I had a repeat ultrasound because my little one is missing the left vein to his umbilical cord. Poor little guy. He is doing fine but all they told me is that he is in the 65 percentile. he is a little bigger than average



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