Baby With Umbilical Cord Abnormalities

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tan - November 4

i'm 20 weeks now. my obg told she saw my baby has only tow umbilical cord.........anybody out there with the same situation?.plz help. thx


AMY - November 4



Samantha - November 4

Hi, Im 25 weeks, and my baby has gastrochitisis which it means its bowel is out of its stomach. Im not sure what u mean- tow umbilical cord, but it may be similar to mine. My baby will have surgery right away after I deliver this baby. Did your doctor explains you what is tow umblicial cord? I think it means the cord is pulling the bowels out. Im not sure. Mine's not attached to the cord.


tan - November 5

baby suppos to have three cords attached with me but baby has only two.


Kate and Baby - November 5

Hi ladies. I am 27 weeks. I think what she is trying to say is that there are 3 parts to an umbilical cord and she is missing a vein. I went to the doctor's the other day and found out the baby is missing the left vein to his umbilical cord. There are two things that can happen if something like this happens. the baby can be born with low birth weight or the baby can be born with heart problems. They said that for this to happen is a very small chance. They told me that there are plenty of women that have had this happen also and the babies were born with no complications. They should monitor you for the length of your pregnancy. If you don't know the risk you might want to ask them to explain it a little better. My main question was is the baby receiving enough nutrients? The doctor told me that the baby is in the 65% and that he is already over the normal weight range. I don't think that it is anything for you to worry about. Good luck


tan - November 5

thx Kate and Baby. yes my baby has the similer problem like you but we didn't know yet which cord is missing. i'm feeling little bit good to here what your dr. said. i read somewhere that there is a 25% possibilities of still birth of the baby in this kind of situation . Thx again kate to making me feel good about my baby.



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