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Sara - July 9

At how many weeks did yuo guys find out the s_x of your baby? I'm gonna have an ultrasound done at 18 weeks, 1 month from now. I can't wait to find out what it is. I hope they can tell me.


KLK - July 9

yes, they should be able to - they say they can tell gender starting at 18 -20weeks. good luck!


Amy - July 9

I just found out on the 6th. It's a BOY!!! I was 17w 6d and the baby was showing up as 17w 5d, so it was pretty much right on.


Steph - July 9

I found out we are having a GIRL (YEA) at 20 weeks! :) Good luck at your ultrasound - it is such a neat experience!


Brooke - July 9

We found out we were having a girl at 17 weeks. YIPPIE!! So many cutie outfits!!


Carly - July 9

i chose not to find out the s_x but at 20 weeks the dr knew! Best Wishes!


Sydney - July 10

Ahh i envy you! ;) I find out in a week and 1/2 what I will be at the end of week 16 right now. Though, ofcourse, the most important thing is that my baby is HEALTHY-im secretly hoping for a girl! Everytime I see little baby clothes I just go crazy in the girl section! IT is absolutely unbelievable how adorable everything is....If I end up having a boy, I want to know so I can be excited for it...but right now Im imagining a girl & all of those amazing styles! ;0 Thought of any names yet???


Kimmy - July 10

I am 19 weeks, a first-time mommy, and just found out we are having a boy!! My husband is soo excited tho i was secrelty hoping for a girl as weel ... HAPPY all the same :) Good-luck.


Sydney - July 10

Hey Kimmy, congrats on your first pregnancy as well. I totally agree, "Happy All The Same"---no matter what gender I have, I will be extremely happy & blessed. I think its ok to secretly wish for either the end we will be happy with EXACTLY how everything turns out, but for now, we can wish, hope, & guess what our unborn baby will be! :) When is your due date?


Amanda - July 11

We find out the s_x of the baby in 6 more weeks I will be 22 weeks. It is killing me having to wait this long. I am hoping for a girl...I just love going down the baby girl aisle and looking at all the cute clothes, but i just want the baby to be healthy!! My boyfriend definatly wants a boy to carry on his name as he is the last one in his family who can. But he will be very happy with either....I am scared of how protective he will be of a little girl.


Carissa - July 12

I just found out on the 5th. Telling me it's a Girl at 21weeks. Her heartrate was 165. Everyone I talk to tells me that it a boy because of how high the heartrate is. What is your baby heartrate? Is anyones baby heartrate high like mine and knowing they are have a girl?


mama2be - July 12

wow, now I'm even more excited! this too, is my first pregnancy.. I have my level 2 u/s next friday and at that point I'll be ending my 19th week.. even more, I'm having twins so I'm hoping I'll be able to find out what they both are. :) congrats to everyone else :) about that heart rate thing, I really don't know what to believe about it.. I do know last time they were checked one was 167 and the other 154.. doc said both were nice and strong.. as far as figuring out genders by them, I dunno.. lol would be neat if it really works though..


KKK - July 13

In my case, we had u/s at 22 weeks and Tech said 80% sure it's a girl but baby's HR was 132. Last week I went for OBG and she said baby’s HR is 156 so I am confused what I am having and I can not go for another U/S because of my Insurance. So Tell me ladies what you all think what I am having


Amy - July 13

I had my ultrasound done at 19 weeks and 5 days. We have a "between the legs" photo that the tech said shows it is a girl. However, when I showed the photos to my ob/gyn yesterday...she said, "This baby could definitely be a boy...still a 60% chance of it being a boy instead of a girl." She also said, "Even when they think they see a p___s...there is still a 5% chance of it being a girl". The only sure way to find out is checking the fluid/chromosomes. So, unfortunately, no ultrasound photo or tech is going to be 100%. Even though we were excited to think we were having a daughter, we will be thrilled either way. So, at this point, we will just pick out girl and boy names and wait to see our baby. My husband and I are just going to have to be surprised in November.


Sydney - July 14

wow AMANDA that is a long time to wait for your ultra sound. i have mine in a week, which will only put me at 18 weeks....& hey I feel ya, Ive been thinking about a girl also---all of those cute clothes are to die for! But absolutely, the most important thing is for it to be healthy. CARISSA-It's very interesting you say that about the heart rate b/c I just recently heard that if it was girl it would have a high heart rate. Can anybody on here tell us which it is? lol Congrats to MAMA2BE-twins is such a blessing! To KKK---(hoping your name is only in reference to your initials ;./ ) Also---I think that if the tech tells you they are 80% sure it was a girl than you can count on it being one--though u/s are not always accurate I would still go with what they say--Im beginning to think the heart rate thing is not such an accurate call! I am also sorry that your insurance doesnt cover any more u/s...ive heard that it is very common for this to happen. AMY---I agree, its impossbile to be 100% sure on u/s...remember everyone--sometimes it isnt always meant for us to know which gender it is-back in the day no one could ever tell !!


KKK - July 15

What do you mean by (hoping your name is only in reference to your initials ;./ )?


Stacey - July 15

I am 16 weeks and having twins and I can't wait to find out what s_xes they are. I too am praying for a little girl. As long as they are both healthy who cares !



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