Babys Head Engaged At 28 Weeks

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janice - April 15

I would like to know if its normal for the babys head to be engaged at 28 weeks. I seen my midwife today and she said to watch for contraction pains. I have already been admitted to hospital with pains and had to have steroid injections. Do you think i will be able to carry to full term or do you think labour is iminent.


Pat - April 15

Hi, I bet you are stressed too about this. From what I know the chances of carrying to full term are still there. I think the hospital is taking precautions now to spead up lung dev. with steroids and this will help the baby if it is born premature. I would personally make sure I know what hospital is capable of taking care of premature babies. In my area I would have to drive 45 mins. and in my prenatal cla__ses, we are told our local hospital can't care for babies born too early...


Pat - April 15

I also wanted to add I wish you luck and not to worry because at your stage the baby will be fine in the right hospital in case...but the longer you can go I believe the better...


janice - April 15

thanks for the advice pat.


to janice - April 16

my baby was 3/5ths down at 28 weeks and i delivered 4 weeks early, try to hang on till then if you can.


heather - April 17

my dr said some babies go head down as early as 20 weeks


Pam - April 25

When I was pregnant with my daughter, she was 2 cm from crowning at 32 weeks. I went through a lot of pain those last weeks due to all the pressure on my pelvic bone. I couldn't stand, couldn't walk, and most of the time I couldn't even lift my legs onto the couch by myself. Even with all of this going on, she was born just 9 days early. Just thought that this might help ease your worries some. Good luck and hang in there.


lisa - April 25

hi...all of my babies have been head down before 28 weeks. i delievered early. you can go term with the babies head engaged. just try to take it easy.


Jennifer - April 25

I don't know if it is normal or not, but my doctor did check to see if my baby was head down at my 26 week appointment, and said that baby was still breech, I was wondering when they did get engaged, because it kinda worried me that he was checking for that, and mine wasn't.


Anita - July 24

I really don't have the answer for you but i just got home from the hospital because i had alot of pain a couple nights before the baby's head is engaged and I'am 2cms I was pretty scared because i am only 31 weeks but i left the hospital today and so far so good all i can say is hang in there and just take one day at a time and things should work out that baby will come when it's ready


[email protected] - July 25

I went thru that twice before and the drs prediction is that this time it'll happen again. Just know that since you had the steroid injections(which saved both my kids life and my sanity), so the baby should be fine being born at 36wks. Try to take it slow , rest as much as you can and empty your bladder before it gets too full, it being full can cause contractions. With my son I went from 0-4cm in 2 1/2 hrs(3.5 wks)just going to a regular check-up, got steroids and meds to stops contractions, this helped me for another 4wks till 36 and he was fine. At this point just watch the warning signs and go by your instincts, if you feel ill, go to labor and delivery just to be safe. Good luck and hang in there...


if28 - July 25

oooopppsss 0-4cm in 2 1/2 hrs at 31.5 wks



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