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MM - August 1

I asked this in general preg ?'s and in 3rd tri but I will post it here also. I am 17 wks and had a drs apt/. the heart rate is 156. Does anyone remember what their babys heart rate was at 17 wks and what the s_x of the baby is. I find out next week but I am curious as all heck. Thank you


info - August 1

That heart rate to determine the s_x is really just a myth


lou - August 1

im 28 weeks with girl and always been 145-150


Ca__sie - August 1

It is true the heart rate s_x prediction is a myth, but it's fun to guess. We're having a girl and her heart rate has always been around 150.


c - August 1

156 and having a boy.


Anne - August 1

My doctor told me they used to think heart rate determined s_x, but more recent studies have found it doesn't work. Gotta go the old fashioned way! Nothing is 100% until birth.


MM - August 1

I just thought it would be kind of fun. I think my 1st was in the 150's and had a girl so i am curious to see. I guess it is the whole anticipation thing. I find out next Tues the 9th what it is.


BIA - August 1

Our heartbeat was around 160 and we are having a boy.


Bree - August 2

Hi, I just had my level II sonogram and the heartbeat was also 156. I found out I'm having a boy!!!!!! ...and am very excited. What are you hoping for, MM? I know ...the curiosity about killed me as well. I counted down getting my level II and it was a long wait, let me tell ya.


Amanda - August 2

I am now 19 weeks pregnant and at my 17 week appt the baby's heart rate was 156 as well. I don't get to find out until I am 22 weeks what I am having but believe me I have been counting down!! I cannot boyfriend is hoping for a boy, and I have had a million and one dreams and every single time the baby is a boy or we are shopping for boy clothes or something along those has never once been a girl. So we will see if my intuition is right :)


MaryEllen - August 12

I am 27 weeks with a boy and the whole time his heartbean has been between 152-158


crystal - August 14

i am 18 weeks and i am having a boy and the heart rate was 142



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