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shygirly - February 7

How do you know if you are having bak labor? I've been having some serious back pains, it started out feeling like it was a pinched nerve and now it's just really bad back cramps, it started a few days ago, no bleeding, it's just my lower back is in alot of pain....


sarahd - February 7

Are you having any contractions at all? Any change in discharge? I'd call your doc just to be on the safe side - it may just be that your back has flared up due to ligament changes, etc, but it doesn't hurt to check.


momtbc - February 7

I would definitely call your doctor. I had back labor with my last pregnancy and never felt any real contractions because I felt all the pain in my back. Even when we got to the hospital and they hooked me up to the monitors, the contractions were registering, but I never felt any in my pelvic area until later on in labor. My son was occiput posterior - meaning his face came out face up instead of face down. This is why I felt so much pain in my back. Let us know what the doctor says.


shygirly - February 8

Momtbc: How far along were you? I'm only 24 weeks so i dont know if i should be concerned about it or if it's just normal pregnancy back pain...I'm a pretty pet_t person so there is now a whole lot of extra weight i'm carrying around....


sarahd - February 8

Shygirly get it checked just in case - preterm labor can happen at any time. Hopefully it's just the normal aches and pains though!


momtbc - February 8

I had my first bout with the back labor at 32 weeks. I went into the hospital for preterm labor symptoms and they were able to stop the labor with terbutaline. I went in again after being up all night with back pain and bleeding at 36 weeks. Again, they were able to stop the preterm labor with terbutaline. But I was put on a regimine I had to keep up at home until 37 weeks. I finally delivered at 38 weeks with extreme back labor pains. Definitely have this checked out. Better safe than sorry.



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