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LT - April 5

Hey, I am almost 20 weeks pregnant and I have the worst back pain EVER. Sometimes it is just on one side and sometimes it is on both. It almost feels like a sort of spasm. I asked my doctor if this was common and she said it was. I was just wondering if anyone eles has had such horrible back pain. It seems too early for this..... Any ideas or thoughts on how to relieve some of this pain?


New_mom - April 7

Hi LT, I haven't had any back pain. My legs and feet hurt sometimes.


chrissy - April 7

They say to sleep on your left side at night, well when I sleep on my left side my lower back KILLS me...I will be 20 weeks on Sat. 4-9-05 and I have lower back pain during the day sometimes too, but not as bad as at night.


LT - April 8

Hey Chrissy what is your due date? I am 20 weeks tomorrow too....


Danielle - April 11

I am 27 weeks and let me tell you that I have the worst back pain. I am on my 3rd pregnancy so I am just worn out. It takes me almost 2 hours to fall asleep at night b/c I am tossing and turning so much just trying to ease the pain in my back. I usually wake up my husband with all of my squirming. There really is nothing you can do. Tylenol doesn't work for me for the back pain. I want a Doans or something but unfortunately I can't. Also besides that back pain keeping me up at night, I get horrible indigestion and heartburn. I have to take 3 tums before bed just to help me sleep through the night. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing but I can't wait to pop this baby out of my worn out body. LOL I wish I could give you advice on how to get rid of the back pain but there isn't anything that can. Just try to deal with it the best you can. And just wait until you get the swollen feet and ankles that kill you. AAAHHH I am counting down the weeks til I meet my bundle of joy. Only 13 more to go. Yeah.


Sara - April 11

I also suffer from backpain. Mainly because I have to stand all day at work, do you work? and if so if you are standing as much as I am bring a foot stool to work and alternate feet. It will help with the backpain. I also suffer from heartburn at night too Danielle =( I imagine you take prenatals right? I take them at night so I can't take Tums unless it is early in the day....... the reason why I am telling you this is because I called my Pharmacist and he said the two shouldn't be taken together and I didn't know that. Something about the iron in both of them is too much or vice versa I can't remember. Just thought I would let you know =)



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