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Jody - May 16

Hi! I am 24 weeks today and I feel terrible! I have a sore lower back and my left leg is sore in the pelvic region! I have no idea what I did and why it is sore! Does anyone have any good remedies? I hate feeling like this but I love being preggo!


Trish# - May 17

I'm 25.5 weeks pg and I have the same problem. It sucks! It's really my only pg complaint, b/c I too otherwise love being pg. It's worse at night and when I wake up. Anyway, I'm working real hard on good posture and bought a body pillow. It's a long one, where you can tuck it under your belly and between your legs. Causes you to sleep in more aligned way. Our growing bellies can throw our spine way out of whack! I have been using it for a week and it is helping me a lot. Not completely but a great deal! FYI, I've been told this back pain is common in pg and is MORE common in taller women (like myself). It also may be caused by how your baby is positioned. Plus our center of gravity changes as we grow as does our posture and things just get messed up!


CKSAN - May 17

I am having terrible back pain. This is my second successful pregnancy (lost 3 during first trimester). I am already hurting like I did with my first at 8 months. I am 21 weeks. It is my sciatic nerve and it causes my leg to go numb and pain in my leg as well (funny how it can be numb and hurt at the same time). My Dr. just referred me to a phyisical therapist to teach me some ways to releive the pain. I go in two weeks. You should see if you can do the same.


Jen - May 17

I do the same thing as Trish and it has helped me dramatically. I used to wake up in so much pain and now I don't. I would definitely get a full body pillow.


Angiconda - May 18

I am 25 weeks and have had the same saitic nerve pain for weeks now. I went to physical therapy on Friday and they gave me a pelvic corset to wear that is very uncomfortable to feels like I am squishing the baby, so I havent worn it much, They also told me to do some streches but I havent noticed a difference



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