Back Pain And Discomfort

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alwaysamber - July 3

Are many of you experiencing at times bad back pain and discomfort? I am 23 weeks now and find it to be pretty bad at times......that doesn't have anything to do with labor pains right?


ThePezChick - July 4

I'm a little over 26 weeks and I've been having back pain for several weeks. Sometimes it's mild, other times it hurts so badly I just have to lie down and try my best to find a comfortable position, which is often hard to do. I figured it was due to the weight up front and the fact that I'm obviously trying to compensate for it incorrectly posture-wise. Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated!


yetanothertripletmom - July 4

As long as the pain doesn't come and go every few minutes and the pain goes away when you change position or rest for a while it shouldn't be related to labor. Your spine has to move to adjust to the uterus and it's painful. :(


scarlett - July 5

I'm 23wks and having very bad back pains and discomfort too. Sometimes lower back, and sometimes higher up. When I change position or lie down, it gets a bit better.


Perl - July 5

I'll be entering week 20 in just a couple of days and just starting feeling the lower back pain. Not every day but once in a while and boy does it hurt. I feels like a burning discomfort. I was at a movie theater this evening with my dh and started to feel it really bad and no position in my chair or standing made it better so I found a row of seats where no one was sitting and just laid down on my side across 4 seats to watch the movie. Thankfully there were not too many people in the theater so I could do this and not get too many strange looks.***Moving/walking seems to help a bit. I notice it more when I'm sitting for too long.


CaliTrish - July 12

I started getting lower back pain at 22 weeks. Now at almost 28 it's somewhat bearable. Be conscious of your posture (sit up straight with your lower back against the chair) and invest in a maternity support belt and a heating pad. Other than that take breaks - if you stand a lot, sit down; if you sit a lot, stand up; take a short walk once in a while.



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