Back Pain And Shooting Pain Down Leg

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ThePezChick - June 1

I'm an experiencing terrible pain on the right side of my back. It feels like it's near my kidney... only on the one side. This used to hurt only when I was lying on my back. No it's hurting constantly. In addition to that I'm having pain where my right leg joins my pelvic area, not my pubic area. The pain is constant at times; however, there are other times when it's a shooting pain going about 6 inches down the front of my leg. I plan to call my doctor today but was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this. I've had trouble with fibroids for a few months, but I don't think that's what it is. After 5 days it's wearing me out because I can't get any relief from it. Thanks for any info!~


eyes82000 - June 1

How far along are u? I'm 20 weeks pregnant and I'm starting to have the same pains. I had it with my son too. They said that he was laying on nerve that was causing the pain.


Angiconda - June 1

it sounds like you are both having saitic nerve pain I have had this for years but it has gotten worse since I have been pregnant. Unfortunatly there isnt much that can be done. Your docotr can send you to physical therapy (but there isnt much they can do either when you are pregnant) also they can give you a pelvic corset to wear which is not comfortable in my opinion. The good news is that this is supposed to go away after the baby is born.


mcatherine - June 1

It does sound like sciatic nerve pain. I'm 26 weeks and I actually go to a Chiropractor for it. Adjustments provide me lots of relief from the pain. Also, there are several leg and back stretches that can be done to relieve pain. Any physical therapist or Chiropractor can show you what they are and teach you to do them safely.


iakram - June 1

i agree siatic nerve pain it is. it comes and goes for me...but when it comes i'm sort of paralzed and can't help but to wobble.


ThePezChick - June 1

There doctor said they were two different issues. The pain shooting down the leg is the result of round ligament stretching and baby lying on a nerve. He said siatic nerve pain usually does down the back of your leg (I think). The back pain is from my uterus and fibroid pressing on a different nerve. He said you normally don't see this type of pain as early as I'm having it. Mine is the result of having a large fibroid. He suggested I get a maternity belt and get on all 4s with my b___t up in the air to get my uterus to move. He offered Tylenol with codeine (I'm allergic to codeine) or Demerol. I chose to just deal with the pain and try the maternity belt. Thanks for you input!



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