Back Pain Does It Go Away

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JoJo123 - December 3

I am currently 25 weeks and I have had the worst back pain ever since 20 weeks. I can hardly sit still anymore. I work in an office and I get up and walk around every hour. I try to sit straight up and when I'm home I try to prop myself up with a pillow. I'm not really a pill popper, so I try to avoid tylenol and other pills. I tried hot baths and they feel good for about 20 minutes and then I'm back in pain. Anyone else find things that work and PLEASE tell me that it will go away soon after the baby is born.


EricaG - December 4

It will probably go away pretty soon after the baby is born. I would suggest getting ma__sages. They really help me. I get one every 2 weeks right now at 15 weeks. Ones I hit the beginning of the third trimester I will probably start getting one every week and then in the last month a couple times a week. I waited until 34 weeks to get my first ma__sage with my daughter and I really wish I would have started sooner, lol. Also, I go to the chiropractor twice a week to get adjusted and it helps a lot.


Faye84 - December 5

Sorry your going to have back pain up until baby is here! i had horrible back pain, But what I found help are those excerise b___s. Of course I didnt find out until i was in labor how good they work, But once you sit on it and kind of roll your hips it releives alot of the pain. Try it and youll be suprised.


JoJo123 - December 5

Erica- I already go to the chiropractor, and I think they have message therapy there- I'll have to check it out. I'm sure they are trained for preggo ladies. I'm not sure where I will find the time, but I'm going to have to! faye- I'll have to get my exercise ball out again. I bought one before I was preggo and didn't like it b/c my balance is so unstable and I would just fall off of it. I'll try it. Thanks Ladies for your input! Have a great day!



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