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amberC - June 11

I am almost 4 months and i have been experiencing a lot of back pain since i was 12 this normal? and what should i do?


ThePezChick - June 12

I'm almost 24 weeks and have been feeling back pain for a few weeks myself. My doctor has said it's okay to take regular strength Tylenol, although I try to just deal with it as much as possible to avoid taking medication. Mine comes mostly at night, especially on the right side. I've been advised it's most likely my uterus on my siatic nerve.


CaliTrish - June 12

I started experiencing lower back pain last week at 22 weeks. Oddly, it was worst when I was sitting, a little better when standing, and didn't hurt when lying down. The pain was distracting enough that I saw the doc mid-week. She told me take the rest of the week off from work and put me on active rest (up 2 hours, rest 2 hours). She also suggest Tylenol to keep any swelling down as it didn't seem to help me for the pain. I bought a simple elastic maternity belt from Motherhood ($15) that seems to help out.


KellyO - June 13

I am 21 weeks and I have been noticing that my back has really been bothering mee in the last week. It only bothers me when I sit down for more then 1 hour. Once I stand up or lay down I am fine. I go to the doc next week so I figured I would just deal with it until then. I know that I can take regular strength tylenol if needed but I think I will just deal with. Good Luck Ladies!


drea - June 13

I have the same exact thing. My back hurts when I'm sitting for a long time, then when I walk around or stand up it gets better. I think its just pressure from the baby (I'm 26 weeks). I love this site. It always seems like when I have a new feeling or want a question answered someone is feeling or asking the exact same thing. What a life saver :-)


amberC - June 13

thank you for all the suggestions. i love this website to always get good advice.


KLT - June 16

Does anyone know if those icey-hot patches are safe to use? I would a__sume so but i'm not sure. I pulled my lower back on the left side right as I got couldn't take basically my back has been hurting throughout this whole pregnancy (i'm at 22 weeks now) and it sucks! Tylenol doesn't work for me at all...never has, so i'm just dealing with the pain. I have my husband rub my back but it doesn't really relieve anything. Sleeping on the bed makes it worse and for the past week i've found sleeping on my couch helps alot..maybe its just the lumps and bumps of the couch that fit just right into the various parts of my back?? I dunno. My pain is mostly at night when I sleep...sitting at work during the day doesn't seem to bother me. My feet are also starting to hurt after standing or walking for a long time...the other day I couldn't even put pressure down on my right foot it was so bad.


inuk-mama - June 17

try going to see a chiropractor. I fractured my tail bone delivering my daughter and now in my second pregnancy i have constant back pain, I have an appointment on monday so i'll let you know how it goes!


Aviendha416 - June 18

Get yourself a nice heating pad. I love mine. I'm 13 weeks 2 days and also have been experiencing back pain since 12 weeks.



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