Bad Back Pains

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Tarah - April 19

I am 25 weeks pregnant and have only gained about 15 lbs so far! (I was small to begin with.) I was wondering if anyone has been experiencing major back pains and if so how often? I have them everyday and they get really bad, even if I'm not doing any lifting. I also get them if I walk anywhere for about 20 minutes or longer! Does this sound normal? Thanks!


Heather - April 19

I also have bad back pains, I am 23 and have gained 17lbs. I also get them from walking as well as from daily nonstressful activity. Mine only are on my left side though. I dont know if it starts from sleeping wrong or something. good luck let me know if you find any relief. I am going to the dr for my monthly and will ask her if it is safe to use some biofreeze or another rub.


Tarah - April 19

I toss and turn a lot at night because I can never get comfy with my back! Any way I lay eventually gets umcomfortable. As far as relief, usually, when I take a warm bath, it tends to loosen my back up a little and helps with the pain. I've used Icy Hot patches, which don't really do much for me. They may help you depending on how bad your pains are. Good luck getting relief too!! =)



I need help for my back pains


Kelly - June 15

I have been having bad lower back pains on and off since I was 12 weeks-I am now 19 weeks. I spoke to my Dr about this and she said it is completely normal but unfortunately will probably get worse later in pregnancy. I haven't gained much weight either but my chest has become enormous and the dr said the ligaments in your back loosen up to make room to grow. I find that taking warm bath does help for a little bit. I get the pains wether I'm walking, sitting, or laying down. I would love some suggestions as well as what to do to help. I never had morning sickness so I feel this is my unpleasant pregnancy symptom. Good luck and best wishes to you all


Kel - June 15

I am 26 weeks and just in the last 4 days I've been having back pain. It hurts to walk and bend. I have it lasting almost the whole day. What really stinks is I like to work out 6 days a week and I think if I keep pushing it, I'm going to end up really hurting myself.


camie - June 15

I had back and neck problems even before I got pregnant. I am now 26 weeks and my back has been bothering me a lot more now. I have gained 20lbs. so far and my b___bs are now at D's. My chiropractor said that my back is probably going to hurt like this until I deliver. He said most woman experience back pain during pregnancy, and those that already had back pain experience and increase so I would say it is normal. i continue to see my chiropractor now and don't plan on stopping-----It helps me a great deal.


Jodie - June 16

My sister in law had terrible back pains at 25 weeks and a friend told her to go to the hospital. luckily she did as she was actually in labour, unfortunately it was to late to stop it


lyn - June 16

my tailbone hurts really if it was broke or something



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