Bad Backache And Cramps Anyone

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Sims1 - December 5

last night i was in so much pain, one side of my hip and the muscle around it hurt so bad. it also felt like a nerve was pinched. and then in the front i had the worst menstral like cramps. Is all this normal for being four months along? I've read that back ache and cramps at the same time are a bad indicator of something i'm a little paranoid and wondering other women have been through this recently.


Sims1 - December 5



sterlinberlin05 - December 5

Ok I don't know if this will help but I am 18 weeks and for a long time now I've had a problem with my sciatic nerve in my left leg. It's a main nerve that runs from your lower back down your hip into you leg I think. I have had really bad back pain and my hip hurts so bad I can barely walk sometime, Sometimes I can't even sit or lay comfortably and the if I get comfortable I can't get up. I've also had some "cramps" but mine just feels like a lot of pressure and sometimes so much it hurts. Now I'm not sure if it's braxton hicks of if the baby just moves to a really awkward position. Ask you doctor just incase, and drink lots of water because if it is braxton hicks water should help it. But you should be seen asap just incase I think. Hope this makes you feel a little better.


Sims1 - December 5

i guess most of us are in the same boat with different variations. it felt normal to me, even though it was pain. it's a different kind of pain like a pressure achy pain, not like sharp or dangerous. so i'm chalky it up to growing pains in pregnancy. but if it persists i will go to the dr. i have an appt with my family dr, as well as ob next week, i guess i'll ask them. but during the day i'm fine, it's just at night when everything catches up and i'm achy and tired. i hope it doesn't mean anything


Sims1 - December 5

btw i'm so sorry to hear about your pain. sounds awful. i really do sympathize.


Faye84 - December 5

I had cramping through out my entire pregnancy, all the way up until i had my daughter. Back achea also 100% common!


EricaG - December 5

cramping and low backache can sometimes be an indicator of urinary tact infection or bladder infection, both of which are common during pregnancy. But then again it could just be normal pregnancy aches and pains. I was sure I had a Urinary tract infection a few weeks ago and it just turned out that I Was dehydrated


ShoppingForTwo - December 5

Those symptoms are totally normal during pregnancy BUT, since you have a weak cervix I would be afriad of premature labor. If it persists definetly go to the ER. Good luck, its probably nothing. But you do need to keep a sharp eye out for signs of pre term labor since you are at risk.


Nervousmommy2b - December 6

You should probably tell you dr about whats going on. I have alot of trouble with my sciatic nerve like sterlineberlin05. Mr dr. recommended physical therapy. I tried it and it did not work. She gave me tramadol for pain and a muscle relaxer. I am kinda hesitent to take either. I've had the cramps too. It feels like mentrual cramps. Mine finally went away when I was about 17 weeks. So hopefully you will not have to suffer for much longer. I guess these aches and pains just come with the miracle of pregnancy! Good luck!


Sims1 - December 6

last night was a breeze i pa__sed out no pain. i'm thinking it was growing pains?! it was just more intense than usual. but I will definately keep an eye out for it if it comes back and persists. thanks ladies.



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