Bad Dream

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beltran1997 - February 19

I usually sleep through dreams but not tonight i woke up and i tried going back to sleep but i am afraid of dreaming it again. Cusious can a baby dream and if so do i see the dream as well or would it be mine is crazy question but i heard a lot of weird stories that do not know if that is possible? Hope someone can get back to me so i can get this out of my mind.


javidsgirl - February 19

you know i really don"t know i can't see why not though as for you seeing the dream i really can"t answer that because i have no idea if that is possible or not


excited2bemama - February 19

I dunno either... But I have had tons of those weird freaky dreams- its caused by the hormones I think


TamaraAngel - February 19

I've been having a lot of weird dreams lately, too. I heard that it's pretty common. I'm going to guess that babies don't dream in utero b/c they have no frame of reference. They haven't yet seen anything and certainly don't know what objects are to formulate them into a dream sequence. Again... i'm just guessing but they prob go thru REM sleep, but without actual dreams. I would also think weird dreams are caused by our hormones and our anxiety/excitement over the baby which manifests itself into symbolic dreams. For instance, i had a dream that i was giving my ex his belongings and his gun (he works in law enforcement) and i accidentally shot and killed him. Awful dream, but probably a result of feeling angry towards him for the break-up. Things that are on our minds often creep into our dreams. - February 19

wow! tamaraangel, that would freak me out if i had a dream like that. but i also have been having some really bizarre dreams! almost every night is a new batch of wierdness! lol i don't know about the baby dreaming....i guess its possible (but then again, anything is possible) but most likely not probable. if the baby is dreaming, its probably dreaming about its hand, foot or the umbilicle since it doesn't have access to much more than that! good luck to all of you and your dreaming! my dream last night : i was in my car parked on the street, and an old tree accross the street was falling apart into the road, and my dog was over by the tree so i called her into the car so she wouldn't get hit by the falling tree parts, then all of the sudden, my other dog (that died in november) was also in the car with us. but the car was parked out side of my old house that i grew up in when i was a of the dogs knocked the car in neutral and we went rolling down the street, running over the tree parts that had fallen into the road. i wonder what i'll dream tonight! (by the way, this was a mild dream!)


Diva647 - February 19

wow, what a deep question, about babies dreaming. . .you could go scientific or metaphysical, depending on your beliefs & background. You could say no they don't dream cuz of no references to activities like we have or you could det deep & say they could be dreaming of past lives, or heavan or nirvanna,,,if you believe in those things. . . . . but i don't think your baby is dreaming your bad dreams, if that's what you meant. it just floating around in womby comfort & happiness.


Diva647 - February 19

i meant "get" deep, not det


Allisonc79 - February 20

Scientifically, the baby shouldn't really be actively sleeping until the 30th week, where there is REM sleep equivalent to an adults and they are dreaming. But they have their own day and night cycles of sleep starting mid pregnancy. I don't think they even dream till later like in your third trimester. If they do dream, it is not what your dreaming and you can't see what the baby dreams and vice versa. They would have to have actually lived and experienced to dream on the level your talking about. Nightmares to them would be something like not being able to find the umbilical cord or something, =).



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