Bad Headaches

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Heidi - April 14

Okay so I get past the morning sickness and thought it would be clear sailing from here but now I'm getting terrible headaches almost every other day. Of course all I can take is Tylenol when I'm usually an Ibuprofin kind of person. Tylenol makes me gag. Well I buy the generic version of Tylenol made by Equate, 500 mg. They don't seem to even phase my headaches. They're extra strenght too. Do you think they're not as effective because they're Equate? I heard they never proved there was a difference but ya never know. I see they have new time release one out too now. I've taken four today since 7 pm and my headache almost seems to be getting worse. My doc said these can last till week 18!!! I drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep, so I don't know what gives. I've never had so many headaches in my life!


Alison - April 15

Im very sorry for what your going through...I know headaches can be such a pain, I have a chronic headache problem and I get them on a daily basis. Did your doctor say you can take anything else? My doctor prescribed vicodin for mine because tylenol does not help...I was worried about taking them but he said it was safe..Have you ever tried a cold or warm pack?I hope yours go away because I know they can get fustrating, I wish mine would go away, im 21 weeks pregnant and there getting worse...Good Luck.


M - April 15

Hey Heidi, I feel your pain. I had really bad headaches too. I had one last Sunday that wasn't too fun. I've given up on the Tylenol because it just doesn't work. Try drinking just a bit of a caffinated beverage (tea, coffee, soda). Remember you're not suppose to have more than 8oz of caffenine a day but it does help with headaches. At 16 weeks, I'm hoping I'm almost done the headaches. Headaches are a totally normal part of pregnancy, it's due to all the extra blood and hormones. How far along are you? Good luck and hang in there.


Heidi - April 15

M - I'm only 13 wks and I've had the headaches for about two weeks now. It seems like they come on every three days or so and like you said, Tylenol does nothing. I so want to take my Advil but I know I can't. My doc wouldn't prescribe me anything else because it wasn't effecting my work but then yesterday I almost had to leave as it was getting bad and I stare at a computer all day and it seems like the pain is in my eyes too. It does suck! I've tried drinking pop too. Doesn't seem to matter. I guess we'll just have to hang in there! I'm feeling fine now today. It almost seems like they're 24 hour headaches cus mine finally went away at like 7 pm last night and I had it for 24 hours. That's the way my other ones seem to go too and that's pumping myself full of tylenol all day too. I think I'd rather have the morning sickness back! Well, maybe not. I know after I get my headaches I sleep like a rock that night. Almost like I had a d__n hangover!!!!


Alicia - April 15

I'm 14 weeks and have started having headaches that Tylenol wouldn't help. I called my Dr. and he prescribed something stronger. It really helps and is safe. You don't have to live in pain. There are safe medicines that you can take while pregnant.


To Alicia - April 15

If you don't mind me asking what kind of medication did your doctor prescribe to you?


M - April 16

Heidi, hang in there. I had bad headaches too. Now I rarely get them. My sister said she had one for two weeks straight, take it as proof that the hormones are doing their thing. I know that's not that comforting.


n - April 17

you can take tyl with codeine and gravol they are both safe. idvil in early pregnancy is ok



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