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sickie - April 17

Im 6 weeks pregnant and have really terrible morning sickness.Any ideas on how to alleviate it?


lisa - April 18

i am 12 weeks and still going strong.


Leahp - April 18

Oh Sickie!!! I feel for ya hun!!! Mine started at six weeks and I felt like I had the flu for a month, then it went to gagging around the house and throwing up in the morning!! I think the best thing that worked for me was apples and sleep, at least when I was sleeping I didn't feel sick!! it was difficult to find any helpful remedy since every woman is different so just try different things out!! I could only gut apples and apple juice! Crackers got yukky after a while!! I'm now 18 weeks and feel like a new women thank god it only lasted until my 13th week! But that was long enough!


nelly - April 18

I had morning, noon, and night sickness for the first 3 months it was horrible!! However no matter what I did nothing helped not even the medicine the doc gave me. I slept alot because it was the only way not to feel so sick I hope you feel better soon.


Audrea - April 19

I have had all day sickness. No matter what I tried it did not work except for a medicine called Zofran. Mine has been so excessive I have lost ten pounds and am now 14 weeks. It has just now gotten a little better. I feel for ya. Like others, the only time I don't feel sick is when I am sleeping. They say you can try things with ginger, sucking on sour candy, eating starchy foods easy to digest, like crackers and potatoes, wrist bands for motion sickness called "Sea-Bands". I hope this helps.


Maleficent - April 19

still sick at nearly 20 weeks. if you find a cure pa__s it my way.


Tarah - April 19

I had horrible morning sickess up until my 14th week! It's like I would spend 4 days throwing up everything and then 3 days feeling better, and it would start all over again. My doctor had to prescribe me suppositories because I couldn't stomach nausea pills! If you can't handle food, my doctor said as long as you're well hydrated, the baby will be fine. Sucking on ice chips helped keep me hydrated because big amounts of anything only made me vomit! I'm 25 weeks now and have been free of morning sickness since week 14! Yay! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and hope the morning sickness goes away soon! =)



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