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ayesha11 - December 6

Hi Ladies! We were thinking of using a bassinet for our little one for the first few months (one where we can also put the basket in our bed). However, I have no idea what one to get. I've seen pack and plays, little rocker-like gadgets, co-sleepers and a wicker one at PBK, but I'm not sure which would work best. What are some of you using? I would appreciate any insight as this is my first baby : - )


sha__leigh - December 6

I have also been thinking about a co-sleeper. i wouldnt mind some input on this as well.


Babycrazy - December 6

I just got one, it's called a Snuggle nest so if you search that you should find what you are looking for! Can't wait to try mine out!


cynthia502 - December 7

Personally, I prefer the Graco pack-n-play with the removable ba__sinett feature. This is my 4th pregnancy and I plan on using it again. My 1st pregnancy I had the typical ba__sinett, but with my 2nd and 3rd I switched to the Graco. Much more useful I thought, but that is just me. We are expecting twins this time and luckily we bought 2 last time!! Good luck to you!


dolphin.girl.25 - December 10

I'm going to be using a cradle. Which is like a ba__sinet. It swings or can be locked in place. Check local baby stores or shop online for yours. Everyone keeps telling me its a waste of money since the baby will only be in it for three months or so, but its more portable than a crib so I can always have the baby close to me. I'm due June 3!


Jessicab3 - December 12

I used a co-sleeper with both my first 2 kids. The kind that fits right next to the bed. It was so convenient for b___stfeeding, you didn't even need to sit up, just pull the baby close to you, nurse, and go back to sleep. I can't imagine putting the baby in a crib at least for those first few months when they wake up several times. Though I have to admit half the time I would forget to put the baby back and he would end up snuggled against me. This time around I may not even bother with a co-sleeper (I sold it a garage sale)


sarah21 - December 12

I am planning on a regular ba__sinet just because our room is kind of small and I don't have room for the pack-n-play. If I had the room, I'd go for the pack-n-play because everyone needs a playpen later on, and they are in a ba__sinet for such a short time I hate spending money on something the baby will only need for a couple months. I am an extremely light sleeper, also, so a co-sleeper would drive me insane and I'd never sleep if I had the baby right there next to me. Just things to think about.



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