Bebe Sounds Prenatal Heart Listener

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kendall - October 9

i was just wondering if anyone has used one of these?


Anne - October 10

I bought one and am very disappointed in it. It's a piece of c___p. Doesn't work. But it's not supposed to work until your 3rd trimester. Problem is that they don't tell you that until you open the dam thing and read the inside instructions. They should really mention that on the outside of the package.


val - October 10

I was thinking about getting one but read a bunch of reviews on I think babiesrus and nobody was happy with it, a lot of people said they couldn't hear anything but static, even in the 3rd trimester. I've decided if I want to get one I'm just going to rent one.


val - October 10

sorry, I meant


kah - October 10

I bought one of these from someone on EBAY and I ablsolutely LOVE it! I have no problems hearing my baby. The biggest thing is wait like 4 hours after you have eaten. Otherwise you just here your belly digesting food. I got the delux one that has two headsets which is nice for when others want to listen, baby speakers so you can play music for the baby, a maternity belt and a thing that allows me to record and email the babies heartbeat. The other night, I had sort of a panic attack, usually my baby boy is very active about 11:30 at night and at 12:30 I realized I hadn't felt him move, so I frantically got out my bebe sounds and found his heartbeat!!! Then of course about 2 minutes later he started using my bladder as a punching bag, but I was very relieved to have my heart monitor.


kendall - October 10

kah, how far along are you? I'm 21 weeks and can't hear anything yet but when I put it on my tummy she just kicks it and then I can hear her moving


amber - October 10

hey i got one of them to it really hasnt worked for me luckily my mom didnt spend alot on it or i would have been mad i am 26 weeks now.


melissa - October 11

I got one, I am 20 weeks, and it is not working for me at all!! But my husband and I did have fun putting it on our cats!


kah - October 11

kendall- I am 28 weeks now, but I got it when I was about 24 weeks or so. I had a tough time finding the heart beat at first, but I kept moving it around until I got it. (for me its usually about 2-3 inches below my belly b___ton and about an inch to the left of it, or somewhere in that vacinity) I know it was the babies, because the heartbeat was a lot faster than mine. It sounded just like when I go to the doc and he uses the doppler. The one thing I can not stress enough is to wait until after you have eaten. That was the only way I could hear it! If you are wishy washy on buying one, do what I did and get one on Ebay, including shipping, it ended up costing me about $12.00 for the one that retails for I think close to $30 or so. Anyway, good luck!


Amy - October 11

I bought one of these with my first pregnancy. It was "is that the baby or not" questions all the time. I did hear the h/b by the third trimester though. NOw I am pregnant with my second baby and have been able to locate the baby since about 13 weeks with the heart monitor. I am now 21 and can find it easily. I think it helps to know what you are looking for... AND I am thin so it is easy to find the babies h/b. I have heard a lot of my friends tell me that it really only works well for woman that are thin (otherwise it picks up to much white noise). Good luck. :)


kendall - October 11

i did buy one and i still can't hear the h/b i am also thin so i'm not sure why i still can't hear her i try it everyday to see if i hear anything different


AMY - October 11




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