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sasarivera - May 12

Hi there, I'm 24 weeks pregnant and I've been experiencing labour contractions while walking this week but when I sit I feel fine. I went to my family doctor (cause my OB appointment will be on June 30) and he sent me an ultrasound and asked me to visit the OB to ask for a sooner appointment. Unfortunately the OB is in Japan and she'll come back in three weeks. I called my doctor to tell him than in he send me to bed rest until I have the ultrasound next week. My husband is freaking out. He have me literatelly on bed all the time, I cannot even play with my other child. Anyone experienced the same. Should I be really concern? I've been only two days on bed and my back is killing me. By the way, I haven't had any contractions since I'm on bed (just the Bramtox... ones, not sure how to write it) Sorry for the long post


mcatherine - May 13

I am 23.5 weeks and I spent last week in bed - 6 daysin total. I was having unexplained pressure on my cervix and had to wait for an ultrasound. The pressure stopped as long as I was laying down. Everything turned out to be ok and I am back to a normal schedule. (With a very uncomfortable belly band on to keep baby away from my cervix) It was rough - my back and legs hurt. Make sure you switch from side to side every 1/2 hour and stretch a lot when you get up to go to the bathroom. I kept my laptop in bed with me - did a lot of shopping and wish-listing for the baby and way too much posting on here! Also, I'm not sure how old your child is, but if they're old enough - play board games with them in bed (or while you're on the couch), watch movies, read them stories, just let them lay beside you and color. I have a 10 year old son and he liked it so much at times he actually asked me yesterday if we could have bed rest for Mother's Day! Hope everything is ok and that you feel better soon.


Susan W - May 14

Check into It's an online support group for bedrest mommies. I was on and off bedrest with my first baby, and it's hard. I have a complication with this one, and right now I don't need bedrest, but if it doesn't resolve, I may be right with you :(( Good luck.



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