Being Violated Today That Sounds Really Bad

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Robyn - April 22

Ha ha ha ha ha. Get your attention? Rb thought we needed a new thread and what frotto says goes! LOL, Thats funny its a simutaneous violation, Im sorry youres is a bit worse than mine rb! Although at least you cant taste the latex during yours...eww....I gross myself out. I am in the best mood today though! I actually feel like I look cute today. The first day since I found out I was pregnant. I squeezed my tubby ass into my jeans that make my butt look cute and just didnt button them. Used the whole rubber band thing and wore a long tank top under my t shirt. Works out well. Yay me!


rb - April 22

well, sometimes, the way they do it - almost feels like you should be able to taste the latex - ok , that's sooo gross... anyhow, i'm wearing the same thing today and thought, d__nnnn! that's one hot momma, except for when you see the hair band keeping the top of my jeans together :) - heheh. we'll just hide that... not exactly how i wanted to start my weekend, but you gotta do what you gotta do - oh, and i actually put some make-up on today - not much, but i think i could manage to not scare small children - also, i packed my lunch - could this be the infamous energy burst coming out of the 1st trimester - i don't want to jinx us, but think it might be!!


Heather - April 22

you ladies are too cute.. i wish i could fit my pre pregnancy clothes.. but i cant.. i havent worn my jeans since i was about 9 weeks.. my bum decided to grow like nobody's business and my hips too..


RB - April 22

Heather - how far along are you? as far as the bum goes, i have one for the first time in my life - i'm barely fitting into my pre-preg clothes - more like forcing into them but i'm pretty sure it's coming time for bigger clothes - even my u/s tech told me i looked bigger than how far along i am - which is scary indeed - what a weird weird time!


penny - April 22

Hey I'm finally back at work......the appt was at 9am, and then had to grab some food. So the US tech was not 100% sure, but said pretty sure it's a girl!!! yeah.......but of course I don't want to completely go wild just incase.....but you never know. we have the 20 week one scheduled for Mary 20th, and that one will be able to tell better. She gave us a ton of pictures, one of her b___t and legs, and you can't see anything between it does turn out to be a boy.....I'll feel sorry for him!! Ha ha....okay well for now I'm going to say it's a girl until someone tells me something diffirent!!! I'll have to get them scanned, but mine nor is my BF's scanner hooked up right now, but we'll get it done!!! Everything else looked good, we did end up getting the AFP test (is that what its called?) and we'll see how that goes. RB congrats on your ONE baby!!! :) Did they take a guess at the s_x???


Robyn - April 22

So penny how far along are you? I want to know if mine are boys or girls but my u/s comming up I will only be like 14.5 weeks. Congrats on your little girlie! YAY!


penny - April 22

Hey Robyn, I'm 16 weeks 2 days today.......but you never know maybe they'll be able to tell!!


Robyn - April 22

I just pretend to fit into my pre-preg clothes. Its all an illusion. Its about how well you can cover up your non zipped zipper and non b___toned b___ton. My bum is bigger than it was also but aparently nothing to complain about cuz my bf LOVES it. Go figure. Guys are weird. Yeah I think its hot when everytime I turn around I can feel the momentum from the turn jiggle my jello. S_xy...wait...whats that? Playboy knocking at my door....oh yeah baby.


jess - April 22

hey gals...omg soooo busy today, and its soooo ice out here!!!! dang!!!!! funny u r talking about b___ts, i had a bad b___t dream...i've always had a good b___t (my one fav. and so far its just the same, but i had a dream i went to put my hand on my back and all i felt was a__s....from my back to the back of my knees!!!! ahhh!!!!! penny...yay!! its a girl!!! congrats!!!!! i'll keep my fingers crossed that its accurate - you probably wouldnt wanna tell a son you thought he was a girl from the u/s


Heather - April 23

RB-I'm 20 weeks along.. and your right i didnt have a bum prepregnancy.. but i sure do now. everyone who sees me says im huge for 20 weeks.. i've already gained 24 pounds all in the belly.. i was 85 pounds pre pregnancy which contributes to such fast weight gain i think.


Misty - April 23

Lucky you little Heather. I was 145 pounds before I got pregnant this time. But at least I have only gained 5 pounds so far. It is all love handles though :-( I think I am going to go internet searching later today after I get home from work and see about getting a pregnancy workout video. I want a basketball belly so bad it is rediculous. Like I told Mike the other day. For the people that see me from behind that don't know I'm pregnant, I want them to think I'm a hottie. :-)



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