Being Preggers

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ELLE - December 13

Hey everyone! Just starting a new topic... What is everybodys favorite thing about being pregnant?!?! Mine i would have to say is feeling the baby move! :) ( By the way im 20 weeks ) * State how many weeks you are too * :)


Tess - December 13

Same. Feeling the baby move :) Im almost 18 wks.


angela dorrell - December 13

ok, so i love the fact that my b___bs are getting big, i am like a size a- and this is my 3rd pregnancy and i just love that they are growing (LOL). my husbands just laughs at me. anyway i am 14 weeks!


Stephanie - December 13

I am 15 weeks and I love sleeping all of the time without being called lazy!!!!


mel - December 13

25 weeks. I'm loving all the caring attention you get from people. like if you're carrying something, people will take it for you. we had a potluck today and everyone let me cut to the front of the line saying, "get up here and feed that baby!"


kaley - December 13

i love that i dont have to suck my tummy in anymore. i was skinny to start but had a little pooch. it is growing now and i love showing it off, not hiding it!


erin - December 13

I am 25 weeks and I love that I have an excuse for everything! If I forget something, I can blame being pregnant, if I don't feel up to doing something, I can blame the pregnancy! How convenient, even if it's not always true! And I also love the baby moving.


Angela - December 13

I love being able to be able to just throw on any old outfit and not be so critical of the appearance. Gaining the weight during pregnancy seems to make it ok if I look fat in a outfit. Normally I would try on 2-3 outfits first. Now I just kind of go with whatever. And I dont feel sloppy just content.


me - December 13

I'm glad I get to eat & eat & eat & eat & eat & eat & eat... and it's not like I've gained that much weight from it either. It's actually just what my hunger is dictating I do. I stop when I'm full. People in this society have always tried to make me (women in general really) feel bad about eating normal amounts of food. I'm 22 weeks, have gained 6 pounds so far. And I love baby kicking all the time, of course!


Brittany - December 13

This is my second pregnancy (12 weeks) and haven't experienced too many joys like the first kick yet but with my first, I loved how people would give up their seats for me if I was in a crowded area or something. And how my hubby takes me to the restraunts I want to go to just because I'm "craving" them haha.


Marlene - December 14

Hi I love feeling the baby move and prepregnancy I loved to eat so know i have an excuse and I love all the food I get!!! I'm 25wks


Lyd - December 14

My fav is feeling the baby move. Next would be that the pressure is off. All of my life I dieted and worked out to feel good. I was always a size 3. It is nice to just not care about that stuff for a while and feel content.


Mommy2beJune2006 - December 15

I'd have to say I love my new b___bs! Im 13 weeks haven't felt the baby moe yet but I rented a fetal doppler and I absoluetly love hearing the babys heart beat! :-)


angie - December 15

to mommie above where did you rent the doppler from and how mch are you paying i would like to rent one as well. also wha model is it? by the way love the b___sts went from 34a-34c in just a few weeks love it!



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