Being Swollen

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kolleen_caudillo - February 27

for the last two weeks i have been so swollen. my hands and feet. i got all of my rings off but my wedding ring. what can i do to help prevent it from happening.. iwas not like this with my first pregnancy


boodahbaby - February 27

Watch your salt intake and drink LOTS of water! I know that is what the doc would say too! Since being pregnant I have taken away the salt shaker bc I dont want to deal with the swelling at all! I know I dont drink enough water for being as active as I am, but Im trying! There is so much salt in food anyways, get rid of the salt shaker and up your water... it might not completely eliminate it, but I bet it will help! Also, I have read that some people are just more prone to water retention (like PMS bloating, not everyone has that)! I bet after a week you will notice a change! As of yesterday, I also decided to eliminate high fructose corn syrup... its easier said than done, but I bet it will help me with unnecessary weight gain as well! I'll let you know how that works out in a week or so! Good luck!


fefer1 - February 27

that sucks. I gained 60 pounds with my dd and actually had to have my wedding ring cut off at the fire station because I swelled up one day and it was cutting off my circulation. Do what you can to get your ring off NOW because if you're swelling, it probably won't go away enough. You don't want to ruin your ring.


cors1wfe - February 27

KOLLEEN - I was very swollen with my last one and pretty good this time - but I have already sized my ring twice because I am one of those freaks who loves wearing her wedding ring but I got my ring at Kay Jewelers and they will size it up and down for me for free! I didn't wear it last pregnancy and I just missed it that is an option but it's better to take it off when you can before it has to be cut off! Boodaybaby is right on - cut the salt - lots of hidden salt in canned veggies opt for frozen instead I am a salt user so I have really cut back


kolleen_caudillo - February 27

ok thanks you guys for help. yah im the same way about my ring. ilove it and i wear it with the most pride.. i just dont wanna ruin it sizing it up and down. about the drinking water.. I DONT LIKE WATER... i never have. but ican say that i have been drinking more water since i got pregnant then i ever have. thanks:)



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