Bellini Cribs Amp Choosing Bedding

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Hannah - January 13

Hi, has anyone purchased Bellini nursery furniture?? IF so, how do you like it? Also, any suggestions on choosing bedding? there's so much out there, i am not sure what to look for


Diane - January 13

I am wondering the same thing. I'm curious to see if anyone has any information!


MooBaby - January 13

Hi Hannah! I think we may have been chatting on another forum. :) Anyway, I know its early, but my husband and I bought a Bellini Crib - The Alexandra, and we love it! There is a couple month wait for the cribs because they are ranked high in 2004 consumer reports, The Isabella is ranked #1. I was told by Bellini that ALL there cribs use the same functionality and hardware and Consumer Reports picked the cheapest version to review. I picked the Alexander because it turns into a toddler bed AND a regular bed. While it is in the crib set-up it also has a drawer underneath which is extremely useful. Somehow we lucked out and the one that we wanted was available at the store so we got it right away. We put it together and it was pretty easy and the hardware and construction is very high quality. I feel it is a crib I can pa__s down to my sister and my other babies! (As long as the standards don't change!) Since it was an investment, I probably won't be buying anyother Bellini furniture, but I am sure that they are all very high quality. The wood is beautiful - we picked natural. I am not sure what do do for bedding, but I am having a boy and I think I am going to do the Pottery Barn Farm Yard Animals... too cute! But the Wendy Bellissimo line on is also very cla__sic and beautiful.


MooBaby - January 13

Oh yeah, and the Bellini mattress is great and has a lifetime warantee.


Hannah to MooBaby - January 13

Hi, MooBaby, yes we've been chatting on another forum about my contractions. :0) Thanks for input once again. I bought the Isabella crib and Robyn dresser with changing station. We paid $1700 for this stuff (w mattress) and to be honest I was not crazy about it but just wanted to get it over with already... I chose the coffee color as the crib will have to be in the my bedroom and my furniture is an espresso color. I like natural but thought it would not go w anything. For bedding I registered for Prince Charming set by Banana Boat, I do like Wendy Belissimo stuff as well! When are you due? Congrats!


MooBaby - January 13

Hi Hannah! Yay! It IS you! :) I think you will be very happy with your purchase... from my research (and I am a researcher by trade!) the Bellini is very high quality and will last a life time. You won't be sorry! You are way ahead of me (your 27-28 weeks?), I am due June 16 so I am 18 weeks along with a boy we're naming Levi. (He just kicked!!) I wish I was as far along as you because I am worried about all these BH contractions (had a bunch yesterday) its not common to have them this early!! I also have gestational carpal tunnel so I am getting all the weirdest symptoms in the book. (Yippee for ugly wrist braces). Argh. Anyway, we were going to order the crib early because there is a 12-16 week wait for it, but somehow they had 1 in their warehouse!!! So that's why I have it so early... probably won't get baby stuff though until 6 months - but that doesn't stop me from window shopping! Do you know if you are having a boy or girl? Or will it be a surprise? Just checked out the Prince Charming bedding online and it is perfect! Sooo cute! :)


Hannah to MooBaby - January 17

Hi, MooBaby. I am due in mid April, so I guess that makes me about 27 weeks (I am ashamed to say, I lost count already). :) We are having a boy and will name him Michael. :) I like Levy, that's such a beautiful name! I am glad you did all the research on the cribs, as I have done none! I just heard from a friend that Bellini was a good brand, pricey but good, so we just bought it. I hope you are feeling well!


Nicole - January 17

The best book to get is Baby Bargains. It rates everything. From cribs to diapers. It tells your the warranty and what are the best cribs for the money. I am getting a Pali but Bellini got a great rating too. Good luck.


Hannah - January 17

Hi, Nicole, Pali was my other choice :) interestingly i never read the book you mentioned, I kind of just liked the furniture, it was solid and looked better than others. Enjoy your crib! I think i'll buy the book you mentioned.



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