Belly Buton Piercings

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Deauna - January 22

Well i just wanted to know who has them and if you had to take them out and around what month did you have to take it out..Im 8w4d with my second and im already starting to show, i feel huge I got my belly button done in Aug so its still not fully healed yet and i really dont want to take it out because i know ill never get it in again it will close..with my daughter my belly button never stuck out so im hoping mabey just mabey i dont have to take it out,,,,,anyway congrats to you all..


mjvdec01 - January 23

I had one too. I am 33 and had it done when I was 22. Once it is healed, take it out and replace it with a loop of fishing line. That will keep it open in case you want to put it back in after the baby is born. I didn't do it. Mine loosened and fell down the drain in the shower when I was 26, and I just never got a new ring. The hole is still open, but now that I have had two children and am a stay at home mom, I have no interest.


babyblue2 - January 23

I have had a belly ring now for the last 4 years. I was able to keep mine in for the entire pregnancy with no problems. All I did was replace the original jewellery with one that had a longer stem... so more room to grow. Check American Pregnancy dot org and look for their piercing info. Its really good. You can also get special jewellery for pregnant bellies... try googling it. Good luck and hope this helped!


MeggieD - January 30

I am 24 and have had mine since i was 16.. I found this website called They offer a belly ring custom made for pregnancy...and they arent too bad looking either! I am 22 weeks along now and have had no problems so far...i have no belly b___ton but my piercing is doing great!


AllieP. - February 7

I was just reading in a pregnancy magazine today at the doctor's office about the website Meggie It got good reviews and with shipping and handling its less than twenty dollars. I think i may purchase one. I'm twenty weeks and it looks like my belly b___ton is going to pop out soon so I may try this. I'm just not ready to give up my piercing. It's been a part of me for so long now!



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