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blairmama - January 13

so.. im 24 weeks on sunday. i can tell my belly button is getting a little shallower, and when i wear maternity jeans.. it looks like an eyeball! haha. anyways.. i've always had a pretty deep belly button.. so i was wondering how many of you have had your belly buttons pop yet, and if so.. we're you thin or heavier before you got pregnant?


aliciavr6 - January 13

I am very thin (underweight) but had a kind of deep belly b___ton, now I am 18w and I can tell it's very shallow and it's not circle anymore, it is getting stretched into an oval haha. My bf pointed it out actually... by laughing a lot and pointing. Anyway, I just realized I can't answer your question haha mine hasn't popped, but everyone that has seen it says it is going to.


jessica1 - January 13

Well my belly b___ton is all the way out like its gonna pop, I was on the average weight about 138lbs before I got pregnant and when I wear my clothes you can see it sticking out, so the trick is put tape on the belly b___ton and it won't poke out and you can't see it threw your clothes.


Tammy276 - January 13

I am 29 weeks and mine is just flat and I"m sure it will stay that way the rest of the pregnancy as it never really popped when I was pregnant with my son.


sarahd - January 13

I'm 20w tomorrow, and my belly b___ton is shallower but hasn't popped yet. I am thin (started out at 118lbs 5'9), although gaining steadily!


suze42 - January 13

blair, thats so funny b/c i have a really deep belly b___ton too. When I was at the end of my pg w/DS4 it never popped out but was completely flat, I could see the bottom which i normally cant. No outy for me!


MAT - January 15

I am 28 weeks pregnant - I wear a L/XL - my belly b___ton has threatened, but is still an innie. It freaks my husband out that when I cough it pops out, then goes back in! I am sure I will pop by the end of the pregnancy...


jessica72 - January 15

Great post..I was wondering about this. I'm 24weeks and my bb was a pretty deep innie to begin with, and now it's just stretched to the point that I can finally see what the inside looks like. No poppage yet.


sarahsteele - January 15

hehe this is what me and my boyfriend were having a laugh about last night, we discovered that my belly b___ton is about to pop out its like not flat with my stomach yet but in a tiny bit and he wouldnt stop laughing at it... =(


SaraH - January 15

Well, I didn't think mine would "pop" due to the fact that it was pretty deep to start w/ and didn't really appear to look like it was going to "pop" -just looked like it was going to flatten. However, the last ~5 weeks I kind of have a "popped" belly b___ton (I'm 28.5 w). I say kind of b/c it isn't "popped" out like al ot of ppls, where they have the whole little mountain thing going on. Mine is more like just across the top of it. It's like my skin across the top is pulled so tight that it's puckered and sticking out. It's kind of hard to explain, but the belly b___ton its self is flat, w/ the top edge (the skin where you'd have a piercing done) sticking out.


Allypants0_1 - January 15

Mine is sort of like that, with just the top poking out a bit. But I'm 27.5 weeks and it's still hard for me to see the bottom of it. I hope it doesn't pop out, at least not till the very end. My boyfriend told me that it was "seriously unattractive." Popped belly b___tons that is.



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