Belly Buttons

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Mary - October 20

Hi. I'm 16 weeks and I'm definately showing. My belly button looks like it is starting to come to the surface, but not quite. When has everyone's belly buttons' popped out?


anita - October 20

around 13wks. only the top of mine sticks out. im waiting for it to pop all the way.


Becky - October 21

I am 18 weeks, and for a couple weeks now mine has been doing the same thing....kinda getting rounder instead of ovalish, and coming to the surface. I'm not sure if it will pop out or just stay flush with my tummy, but it is definitely strange!


gg - October 21

I am 16 weeks also and can tell that my belly b___ton is coming to the surface. I have a scar inside my belly b___ton from having my appendix taking out and never used to be able to see the scare before and now it is clear as day!


bump - October 22



Tamara - October 23

I'm 20wks and my belly b___ton is almost flush w/ my tummy. I have a deep inny normally so maybe mine won't POP out totally, but it is getting very close to the surface and bigger and ovalish too. I think it's neat. It's been this way since about 18wks and I could see it coming up since about 14 wks. Goodluck and happy pregnancy :-)


.... - October 23

i'm 32 weeks and mine is still an innie. mine was a deep innie before and now it's a shallow innie. doesn't look like it's going to pop with this pregnancy.


Marlene - October 23

Mine popped out at around 13wks. I had to take my belly b___ton ring out. I'm 18wks now and you can almost see it through my shirt.


j - October 24

Does it go back in after the baby is born???????


chrissy - October 24

I am at 27 weeks and my belly b___ton is only out a little tiny bit. I don't think it will pop all the way out. Some belly b___tons pop out and some don't


Lacy - November 8

Haha, I used to have a deep innie, and now its coming to the surface. Ive noticed that I have a little piece of skin in mine. I think they must not have cut my cord all the way off. It's just a tiny little, well, b___ton. lol


Ashley - November 8

I'm 26 weeks and mine is super shallow compared to what it was, nearly level, but it's not poking out. I don't really care -honestly- but me and dh have a bet going, he thinks it will so I say it won't, hehehe! We'll just have to see! ;) It was so deep I don't know what there is to poke out!!!


erin - November 8

i'm 20 weeks and mine's not all the way out yet, but it's pretty shallow. it popped with both other kids so i expect it to soon. yes, it goes back in after you have your baby.


sparkles - November 8

Mine became really deep and hollow around 12 weeks, but is now working on popping out. I figure it will be level with my belly or popped out within the month. I'm 16 weeks, also.



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