Belly Laughs

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shygirly - February 16

OMG! Has anyone else read the Jenny McCarthy book "Belly Laughs"??? I have never been a big fan of hers but a friend from work gave me this book and i have to say it is hilarious!!! It's all about what she went through while pregnant. Really short chapters and really easy to read. I've never read a funnier book in my life. It is p___s in your pants histerical. check it out!


JerseyGirl - February 16

I absolutely LOVED that book. I'm not a fan of hers either, but it sure was a great read. I read it before I was even pregnant and totally recommend to everyone. I finished it in 2 sittings... couldn't put it down.


shygirly - February 16

Hah! I know i cant stop reading it! What part of jersey you from? I'm from Jersey too!!


c_baer19 - February 16

It was hilarious!


aliciavr6 - February 16

I just ordered it from amazon! Thanks for the recommendation.


Tammy276 - February 16

I read this book when I was pregnant with my son and LOVED it! It was too funny and I could not put it down. I gave it to one of my friends to read while she was preggo and she loved it too.


excited2bemama - February 16

Thanks for the recommendation...I gotta recommend a few too- most of you have probably already heard of The girlfriends guide to prgnancy which is also hilarious- but she (Vivkie Iovine) also writes the girlfriends guide to surving the first year of motherhood and the girlfriends guide to baby gear- all informative and she writes a very funny, hysterical way.


JerseyGirl - February 16

Yes, The Girlfriends Guide is another good one. I'm reading that now. SHYGIRLY: I'm from Central, NJ - about 15 minutes from Rutgers in New Brunswick. You???


pebblesnbambam - February 16

BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!


c_baer19 - February 16

Jenny McCarthy has another one about the first year of having a little one, I heard it's really funny too, called Baby Laughs. I showed Belly Laughs to my husband when we went maternity shopping the other day, and he saw the chapter t_tle about discharge, and he was like, is it really like an avalanche? Hahahah.


lily10 - February 17

After reading all the rave reviews you ladies gave this book I went out and got it last night and just finished it 5 minutes ago. I loved it!!!!


squished - February 17

Bellly laughs is so funny! I'm waiting until I have the baby to buy her next one "Baby Laughs" which I've heard is just a great. And the book that jolielucker said "pregnancy sucks" I red a few chapters last night at Barnes and Noble and it was so funny that I was laughing out loud a few times :)


shygirly - February 19

Oh yay! Glad to see so many other mommies enjoyed the book. Thanks for the info on "baby laughs" cant wait to read that one :) Jerseygirl: I'm from Bordentown near trenton/hamilton


suze42 - February 19

i am going to get it...i read an exerpt of it when i had DS. It was about her fear of pooping in the delivery room...I laughed my b___t off b/c I was obsessed w/that too. I would poll all my friends..."Did you poop" lol....I figured most people lied b/c everyone said No! but i thought she was very funny about it. BTW I did not poop but I had a c-section!


ophelia73 - February 19

Have to agree, one of the best books I have ever read! She definitely has a way with words!!


JerseyGirl - February 19

SHYGIRLY: I worked in Princeton for 6.5 years - so close!



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