Belly Looking WAY Smaller

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Beth - May 23

My belly looks extremely smaller today than it has been looking, and even other people here at work have noticed and commented on it. Is this something to be concerned about?


vv - May 23

HI Beth, this happens with me too....I guess its the gas that makes you look bloated.


Davida - May 23

It could be that the baby turned a certain way or into a pocket somewhere inside! My oldest was so high up under my ribs that when she was born her foot was so bent back that her toes touched her shin! It was only temporary and didn't require any corrective action but they do find the oddest places to settle into!


Beth - May 23

Thanks for the responses, makes me feel better. I have only noticed one big movement this morning, so maybe that was her moving into her hiding spot!! :0)


Michelle - May 24

I have this same concern nearly every week. I shrink at weekends.


Cherry - May 25

I am 20 weeks due Oct. 11th and my belly does the same thing. I was wondering if that was normal.


Lissi - May 25

Oh good! It's not just me then. It's happened to me a lot. Small bump days always seem to coincide with a lack of movement too, leaving me to think there's something seriously wrong. Glad to hear others are in the same boat.


littlemrsb - May 26

I am almost 18 weeks and started showing by 9 weeks. For the last month, every once in a while my belly just looks smaller for a day or two. I havn't worried about it because I had a friend who hardly showed until the last trimester, and her doctor told her that the baby just was sitting further back, closer to her spine. I figure that on the days I look smaller (as others have suggested) the baby is just sitting further back inside of me. I just had an ultrasound this week (found out it's a GIRL!!) and she is doing just fine. I think just keeping track of fetal movement right now would be the best thing to do. I am sure you are both just fine. Good luck and may God Bless You!


Staci - May 30

thanks for this info. it is weird how you show more times than others. I am glad this doesnt seem abnormal.. also Davida, that same exact thing happened to my friends new babys foot. she was so squished inside!


Davida - May 31

Isn't it odd the places they find to wait! She wasn't extra long of extra big at 7'13" and 21 inches but she sure was comfortable in her favorite spot under my ribs! I couldn't sit for more than 5 mins without losing my breath! She paid me back with only a 3 hr labor from start to finish so I forgave her!



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