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treshala - October 16

I want to know if anyone has/had a belly button pierce and left it in the entire pregnancy?


evae777 - October 16

i couldn't leave it in.. the hole starting stretching!! so i took it out and it is still stretching, the hole looks like a line. its weird.


lee ann - October 16

when i was pregnant with my son ( now 15 months old ) i didnt want to take out my belly b___ton piercing, didnt want to go through all the pain getting it done again. i bought a belly b___ton ring made for pregnancy on e-bay, its made of plastic. i had no problems at all with it and the doctor was very pleased i had kept it. now i am pregnant with my second baby i am 17 weeks and i have my pregnancy ring on already. no problems so far. so no need to take it of believe me.


cayingo - October 17

A friend ofmine has her navel pierced. She had to take it out and is terribly disappointed w/ the way it looks now, even a year after her baby was born. I don't know if the look is b/c she took it out or simply the nature of a pierced navel going through pregnancy. But the stretched out hole hasn't gine back to its normal size. It looks like she's had one of those big earlobe extenders in it. Yuck!


cynthia502 - October 17

This is my 4th pregnancy with my belly b___ton ring. I have never taken it out. My bb has looked great after each pregnancy...nothing weird happened. This time however, I am preggers w/ twins so I may have to take it out if I get tooooo big!


sarah21 - October 17

I took mine out at about 8 weeks just because it was getting uncomfortable and then I lost the top to it so instead of buying a new one I just took it out.


pomny143 - October 18

I left my in during my last preg for the first six 1/2 months but needed it removed because I just got too darn huge! LOL. Hopefully this time around I can keep it in the whole time, because the whole "repiercing" thing stunk!


izechsmama - October 19

treshala... i took mine out with my first pregnancy... and it closed in the center of the hole so i had to repierce it myself.. and i didnt want to have to do that again.. so i researched and like Lee Ann I also bought a special maternity belly b___ton ring on Ebay... it only cost me 3.98 including shipping... and you have like 30 colors to choose from.. they come two inches long and you cut them to the size you want and the b___s self thread... definately look into it!



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