Belly Smaller In The Morning Than At Night

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sarah ahmed - February 8

hi, every1, im 14 weeks pregnant, with my 2nd pregnancy (i miscarried my 1st at 8wks). neway this stage of pregnancy is new for me. i was wondering if its normal for my belly to be quite tiny when i wake up and it grews during the day, by the night i look pregnant. whats the cause 4 this and is it normal? i miss that pregnant feelings in the morning. need reassurance everythings ok, thank you


bvue - February 8

I have the same question. My tummy does look smaller and more soft in the morning. But as afternoon comes into evening, I can't fit into the same pants I put on in the morning. I am guessing it could be all the bloating and food that we eat throughout the day.


Kime - February 8

well im 19 weeks pregnant and i have the same problem. I think it's b/c your belly is normally empty by the time you wake up in the morning. I mean think about it you pee ( or i do) about 2-3 times during the night. As you go throughtout the day your belly gets bigger b/c your drinking eating meals and snacking. Its funny when i first wake up i look like im just 10 weeks but by the end of the day i look 6 1/2 months. but actually it was like that before i got pregnant. when i would first wake up i would have abs and a cute shape. And then if i ate one meal i would look preggo and have to suck in my stomach...


squished - February 8

Mine does the same thing. I think that it's pretty much all bloating. I guess that we all deflate at night :)


sarah ahmed - February 8

thank 4 responding guys, im just glad its normal. i enjoy the pregnant feeling at night. sometimes our worries are so silly its good to have rea__surance that we're all going thru the same thing and can compare notes on it. enjoy the rest of ur symptoms and observations ; -) byebye


aliciavr6 - February 8

Mines way more noticeable in the evening and I'm even 2 or 3 lbs heavier. It's just bloating from eating/drinking. Mine has done this the whole pregnancy and now I'm 22w


pueppschen - February 8

woh! you guys posted my thoughts, except that i am 21 weeks. lol. by the evening i cant breath well too, as if my uterus is pushing my lungs more than the morning.


Tracy88 - February 8

There will be a point at which you will stop noticing such a huge difference between morning and night. Like I am almost 26 weeks, and I can't tell a difference anymore. I feel a little lighter in the morning, less full, but you cannot see it.


c_baer19 - February 8

I wouldn't really worry about it, even before I was pregnant, by tummy was always smaller in the morning than at night. I think it's just because for one, you haven't eaten anything, and for two, you're most likely more bloated by the end of they day, after eating whatever it is that you eat.


mommybabyboy21 - February 8

I also think that when you first wake up the baby is against your spine but as you are sitting and standing throughout the day, your baby comes more to the front of your stomach...thats always what I know beside the food and stuff because when I was 14 weeks in the morning I would feel where the baby was and it was softer and then by the evening it was hard I am now 23 weeks.


pueppschen - February 9

yesterday i had my dr. appt. so i asked her this and she says its because of the air we take in. :D


jenshim - February 13

Mine is the same way. I wake up in the morning barely looking pregnant and by night I definitely look it. I don't get it!! But it seems to be the norm. I am 13 wks, 2 days today.


mama2boys - February 13

I'm at 20 weeks. I've had the same phenomenon since about 10 weeks. I eat a LOT during the day since the baby makes me starved, so it's no surprise that I look (and feel) much bigger by evening. I also have pretty wimpy abs (muscles split when pregnant with first child), so everything just flops out there for all to see. Nice.



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