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Karen S - January 17

I went to my doctors appointment today because my son had a bad kidney and I will be 25 weeks on Friday due may 5th and my baby weighs 2 pounds 3 ounces. The doctor asked if my dates were right. I said yes Is this normal? What does everyone elses babies weigh? Do you think I still concieved when I thought?


Hope - January 17

With my son at my 20 wk appointment he was 14 ozs. When I went back for my 24 wks app. he was 1 lb 14 ozs! I was induced on my due date and he was 10 lbs 2 ozs. Sorry Im not much help!!


liz - January 18

That pretty big! My son was 10oz at 19 weeks and 1lbs 11 oz at 25 weeks.


k - January 18

I read somewhere that babies are between 1pounds 5oz and 2 pounds 3ounces between 21 to 25 weeks.


Karen S - January 18

My fiance's family were all big babies so thats probably why. The smallest baby was 9 pounds when born and the biggest was 11.


Ba8y6irl - January 18

My daughter was 14oz. at my 20 week u/s. I can just feel her getting bigger by the day!


Cabbie - January 18

This is my third child. He was 9 oz at 18 weeks. My second child weighed 8 lb 14 oz at birth but my first was 7 lb 6 oz so I do not know what to expect.


Kiddolebel - January 18

My first was a big baby too... 9lbs 6oz, 23 inches. =) And Im a pet_te woman. My hubby says that his family has big babies. This one is already measuring big too and im 21 weeks.


missy - January 18

I read that at 23 weeks the baby usually reaches a pound by this point.


angie - January 18

Deam girls you guys all have huge babies. I read tht at 20 weeks the baby is about 10 & 1/2 ozs.


karen - January 18

How do you all know how much your babies weigh? I had one ultrasound at 21 weeks and another at 25 weeks (I'm 26 now) but they didn't say anything about weight. I didn't know they could tell that--was it in an ultrasound that they determined that? I'm concerned about a big baby too, because my hubby and I were both 10 pounders.


Cabbie - January 18

Yes, according to Pregnancy Week by Week, at 20 weeks the average baby weighs about 10 oz.


Shell - January 18

i thought due dates were more about crown to rump measurement than weight? anyway, it really is a guessing game for them.. they will monitor it as you get closer - have you been tested yet for diabetes? that is one answer, I had it and my son was 8lb 10oz and he was 4 days early.


Hope - January 18

At my u/s the tech told me how much he weighed along with how big he was measuring.. I didn't have GB but had a big baby!


Heather L - January 18

My first was 9lbs 1oz (induced at 2 weeks overdue), second 8lbs 12oz (induced at 3 days over due to save me from having a 10 pounder), I am HUGE already and still have 15wks to go. I have no idea what to expect. *lol*


Jodi - January 18

I asked the u/s tech at my last appt. how much my baby weighed and she said, that there really is no way of knowing. She also said that about the length b/c they are all curled up, she said all they can do is measure them like they are supposed to and the computer gives the date according to the measurements...


lucy - January 19

hi,, jodi and karen.. i never knew how much did my baby weigh until i had a detailed u/s 3 days ago.. that is when we knew we were going to have a baby girl and the doctor told us that she weighs 16.4 oz at 22 weeks and her heartbeats rate is 152/min.. her length she couldnt tell because babies are curled up as u said.. they can only measure the length for arms..legs and so on.. ask ur doctor for a detailed u/s if u wanna know those details :)



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