Big Scare

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Nikki0888 - May 1

April 26 I woke up with pain in my ribs and I just thought I had slept wrong or something but over the next few days it got worse and worse. It got so bad that all I wanted to do was sit around and cry. So finally April 29 I went to the hospital. I was so scared because I have never been to the hospital before. They wanted to put a catheder in to get a sterile urine sample. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it pinched going in and coming out. The nurse checked the baby's heartbeat. Again, just like at my doctor appointment, they found it in 2 different spots and the nurse thought it was very unusual. Could be twins... we should find out pretty soon because I go for a doctor appointment tomorrow and the ultrasound is finally being scheduled. I'm excited. But anyway... they also took blood and hooked my up with an IV and gave me morphine. Other people could actually feel the baby(s) move when I had morphine in me lol. (My little druggie) The results came back and said I have a very severe kidney infection and dangerously low potassium. Now I have a high risk pregnancy and I'm suppose to drink a gallon of water a day. Is there an easy way to do that? I'm having a hard time getting a liter down. HELP!! Does anyone else have a high risk pregnancy? Well I'll let you guys know more when I get back from the doctor tomorrow.


HannahBaby - May 1

wow, good luck


SuzieQ - May 2

I'm sorry to hear about everything Nikki - I hope your scan goes well tomorrow. I'm glad you could hear the heartbeat(s) though! I don't have a high risk pregnancy, but I just wanted to wish you the best for tomorrow. I've been drinking one litre of water a day plus regular fluids, and it does take a few days for your body to adapt to all that water. A gallon is a lot!!!


Emily - May 2

good luck and will be thinking of you. I would be scared also. Not high risk, but have had a m/c in the past and am still scared out of my mind even at 32 weks. Good luck and Best wishes!


Hana - May 2

Nikki, good luck with the u/s. Its a good thing they took you seriously, i went in with pains and they dismiss so easily saying its 'normal' without being checked out! With regards to the water, try having 2 gla__ses before meals and after meals and during the day and squeeze in lemon or something to make it taste better. I would cut out all juices/coffee etc and switch to water instead just to get that gallon! Though i do find if i have water in the morning on an empty tummy i get nauseous. You'll probably end up living in the bathroom (as if normal water intake didn't already send us preggos to the toliet every 10 mins LOL). Good luck!


Nikki0888 - May 4

OK I went to the doctor and everything checked out OK. The bacteria from the kidney infection is gone and my pota__sium levels are back up. They will be checking it regularly now because low pota__sium can give you heart problems. I never knew that!! I'm still having a hard time getting the gallon of water in but the doc says as long as I get half a gallon and drink milk and juice that I should be fine. Thanks for all the posts! Since everything went back to normal so quick he's not really considering me high risk he's just watching me a little more closely. That was a scary thing to go through tho!


Emily - May 4

glad to hear it Nikki. Ever decide how many little ones are in htere?!?!?


Krista - May 4

Maybe try making koolaid...or something like that..where you're still getting the "water" in...but it's easier to drink..?


Been There - May 4

Nikki, I'm sorry to hear about the infection., but glad you'll be fine. I am considered high risk, but not because of an infection. The only way I can get in that much water is to make it my only drink.



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