Big Tummy

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Shanthi - September 28

I'm at my 16 week now. Everyone saying my tummy looks bigger than it should. can anyone help.


Kris - October 6

I am 15 weeks and have been hearing the same thing! Let me tell you what my doctor told me. NO two pregnancies are the same. What effects me, may effect you differently. In my case, i am a little skinny, so it the belly really shows more so then it would on a different women. And maybe, just maybe, you are having twins!! You wouldn't know that for sure until you have a sonogram though. Basically my advise is will hear all sorts of "expert" advice from people who think they are experts. Don't believe what you hear. Go with what your body tells you. Do you feel healthy? Does your doctor say you are healthy? then forget everyone else and enjoy the best time in your life! Good luck girlfriend!!


shanthi - October 6

Thanks Kris, I feel better now and good luck to you too.


mistey - November 3

i agree with kris its funny cause im 18wks and some people say im not very big and other people say ive got quiet a belly funny hay dont worry you will get this all through your pregnancy(this is my 4th) i am also skinny so it is very amusing for my partner to see a round belly even though hes seen it before.


ErinJoy - November 4

I think the smaller you were before you got pregnant, the bigger your belly looks. I was 91 lbs before I got pregnant. Now I'm about 130 lbs and everyone tells me my tummy is too big for one baby. I tell them to bite me. (And I mean it, too).


Christy - November 17

I actually have the opposite problem - I am just finishing up my 15th week and no one (besides my husband) can tell a difference. I am looking forward to actually looking pregnant!! I had been told that since I was thin and in good shape with well developed abdominal muscles, that I wouldn't start showing until later...I am READY now!! Like someone else said, every pregnancy and woman is different. It is interesting to hear women with the opposite question...


Shanthi - November 18

i just went for my 24th week scan. The doctor told me my tummy is big because the baby is big. So my due date will be 2 weeks earlier.


Nicole - November 19

Not to worry! I swear I was showing at 4 weeks already! I'm pet_te and small so it's no wonder. Plus at 16 weeks is when most (not all b/c everyone is different), but most women start getting a belly that's more baby-like :) Good luck! ~16w 5d



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