Bigger Breasts

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Betty Boo - September 7

Oh my god, I got measured for a new bra and I'm already a G cup and am only 15 weeks. I'm only pet_te. Does anyone else have the same problem?


Michelle - August 18

Your not going to believe this, but the only reason I knew I was pregnant was because my b___st got huge in only 3 1/2 of being pregant. I hadn't even missed a period for me to know that I was pregant I just knew right off the bat. I was a 34 b now I'm 38 b and only 16 weeks pregnant.


Laura - September 4

My sore, swollen b___sts were my first clue that I was pregnant. And they keep on growing! I've gone from a 36B to a 38D and I'm only 22 weeks!


Janet - September 7

My b___sts have gone from a 34C to a 36D already and I am 18 weeks. My husband is very happy about it. ha ha


sara - September 7

Is that a sure sign of pregnancy because tests have nto confirmed it for me but i would be about five weeks right now and i just have this feeling that i am preg. I also know that my b___sts have grown, they feel a lot fuller!! is this a good sign?


Christy - September 14

Mine have gone from a 38C to a 38E and guess what? I need to go up a size again and I am only 18 weeks pregnant. I dont know why anyone would want b___bs this big. I swear they weigh like 5 pounds a piece or better. I dont even want to think about how big they will be by the time this is over. Good luck Ladies.


wendy - September 17

i'm 21 wks, and mine haven't grown a bit! I'm still waiting!!


78678 - September 18

i am 13 weeks and i went from a 40D to a 44D.


Christine - September 22

Yep, kinda sucks... I was already large chested but i went up to a f/g. Its kinda obnoxious


Lacey V. - September 22

Oh Yes!! I have the same problem. I was a C cup, and now I am probably a D cup! I'm 18 weeks pregnant! None of my bras fit!


Katey - September 26

oh my!! I am size c!!! how big are your nipples??


Laura - September 26

My nipples are definitely bigger (and darker) than they used to be. They're quite large, and my husband teases me about it! Oh well, it's mostly temporary...this is my second child and my nipples went pretty much back to normal after my first. Nipple size I can live with, but it's such a pain that none of my bras fit any more--as if I can afford to buy a whole new bunch of bras!


Leisa - September 27

Mine where a C cup up untill i had my second child... they then when down to an A :( im now 18 weeks.. and by the looks of things they have gone up to a C again.. quite happy abt that .. tho one is bigger than the other.. lol so fingers crossed they stay a C .. and yes i knew i was pregnant b4 i had missed a period.. by the size of them


Boomgirl - September 29

I am 36 C and I am still using the same bras... although I feel they are heavier. My nipples also have not changed much color.. they seemed a bit dark when i was around 10 weeks.. but now they look normal.. But I have sore b___sts on and offf. not continuously. especillay when I am a little lazy to wear my bra....


Gail - October 15

Mine have definitely grown a bit and I'll need new bras soon. The one thing I don't like are all of the bumps that have appeared around the nipple. I've read that it's normal but it's gross-looking. My hubby loves my bigger b___bs but is grossed out by the bumps. He calls me La__sie! Anyone else experiencing this?


Mellissa - October 19

I went to Toronto on a long weekend getaway 8 days after I concieved and couldn't fit into most of my tops! I'd grown from a 34B to a 34D and had to get fitted for bigger bras while I was there! They've stayed at about a 34-36D since then but since I started out at only 5'4" and 110lbs... you can imagine how much attention the things drew before my belly started giving away why I was so huge in the chest.


renae - November 14

I am about 4 1/2 weeks pregnant. I miscarried in Sept. and I am really nervous. My b___bs were really sore and now they are not all the sudden. Physically I feel fine, I don't really have any other symptoms yet, but I just want to know why my b___bs just stopped hurting all the sudden. Can anyone please help? And good lunck to all of you.



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