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Confused 1st Time Pregnant - April 2

I have a question for all you Moms out there. I am 15 weeks pregnant with our first child. My husband and I live in a large one bedroom appartment. Do you guys think we can manage sharing a room with baby for the first couple months of it's life or should we think about moving now before the baby is born in September. I need your advise and wisdom. Please Help.


Heather - April 2

i think you'll find moving easier now than when you have a baby. but for the first few months i'm sure baby will be in your room anyways since it will be easier for midnight feedings and so on. but then again it would be nice to decorate a nursery


Phoebe - April 2

I would wait until after the baby. I have moved twice when pregnant, and it was extremely stressful. I was trying to help out, which I should not have done... I really didn't take it easy, and regret not being lazy. Not everyone is the same, but you never know. I also live in an apartment... it's not 1 bedroom, but I am so paranoid... I plan on keeping my baby in my room with me anyways...


PP - April 2

I have moved while pregnant and I was ok but I would say it would be harder to move after the baby arrives.


pp - April 2

We live in a one-bedroom aprtment too. Wanted to buy a house, but prices in Southern California where we live are above our reach. So our only hope would be to move out of state. But for now, we'll just focus on having this baby (I'm 14 weeks with our first). We'll think about moving later.


Maleficent - April 3

we're running short on space with this baby too. it's #3 and my husband is in the military. they won't move us so we're going to tough it out. honestly, babies don't need fancy nurseries, there isn't alot of stuff you cant live without. with our kids we just bought things as we needed them and pa__sed things on as our kids out grew them. space has never been a big issue.


MONICA - April 4

I am pregnant with #2 and we moved. It was the worse thing ever. Very stressful. We too have a very small space and we live in norhtern california and the houses for us now is totally out of reach. So we live in a two bedroom apt. This will have to do for the next couple of years. We lived in a one bedroom for a year when we had our first.... we gave the room to our son and we slept in the living room.


Confused - April 4

Thanks so much for you're advice, Ladies. I think my husband and I have decided to put off moving until after the baby or when we feel we need a bigger place.


mandy~ - April 4

me and my partner have just brought a house and move in when i will be 7months pregnant, im not looking forward to it i havent even started packing! and then we have to paint and renovate. not to mention i already have serious complications. will i get through this ok??


rae - April 6

I'm 15 weeks and have two teenagers now. We have a 3 bedroom house. We desided to move to a four bedroom house now and not wait. We just got a place Friday and have to move in by Monday. It's going to be a fast hard move but better now then when I'm huge, or when the baby comes.



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