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Heidi - May 10

Okay my boyfriend's co-worker's wife is pg and she's choosing to have a C Section. I don't know why. Her first was natural but she's 40 now. Don't know if age makes a difference but on top of it she probably weighs 300 lbs. I don't know if times have changed but do you now have the option of how you want to have your baby? I was always told you don't get a C Section unless it's a last resort. What's up with that? I'm pretty sure she's going to the same doc as me and mine has never asked me how I want to deliver the baby!


Wanda - May 10

Maybe she has a medical condition that would make a c-section the best option. Maybe it is a sensitive subject, like herpes or something, and that is why you don't have all the info. Maybe she had a bad experience the time before. Madonna had a scheduled c section the second time, and so did Kate Hudson the first time, so I think there is a trend toward that if you are willing to accept the risks, and the doctor agrees.


Heidi - May 10

Yeah I kind of wondered that too. Seems like the docs are more laxed on the subject these days.


Carol - May 10

I know they say recovery from a c-section is rough, but I sometime think that if I could choose to have one I would - I can't imagine that recovering from a C-section would be worse than recoverying from a tear or episiotomy! Plus you won't have to worry about peeing when you laugh


Jennifer - May 10

It probably has something to do with her weight and her age, she would be in a high risk pregnancy for those 2 reasons, so maybe the doctor told her that a C-Section would be her best option.


amanda.d - May 10

I'm not sure as to why co-workers wife is having one.All i know is that i would rather do natural any day as opposed to a c-section,Yikes!You'll heal faster with natural, i feel bad for those who must have c-sections, i am terrified of having one.


Davida - May 10

I'm sorry but there is just no comparison between a c-section and an's like apples and only get 3, 4, or 5 st_tches w/an episiotomy and you will probably get double even triple that w/c-section which is an actual surgery. I developed blood clots after my c-section. Also a staple was left in and my wound had to be reopened 5 inches and an RN had to visit me twice a day to pack and unpack it. It took my wound a little more than 3 months to heal. That never happened with my two v____al deliveries and episiotomies. Trust me, you would not want to choose one!



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