Bladder Problem

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Michelle - October 7

I need your advice of something while I wait for the nurse to call me back. Let me start out first of all that this is my second pregnancy so I understand and remember there is alot of aches and pains involved. I am 24 weeks and having problems when I use the restroom. At times it burns and sometimes it doesn't. Also as soon as I use the restroom I need to go again and I can barely go. Also have unbearable pains on the pubic bone area. Feels like someone is hitting a hammer non stop! They get so bad that I can't walk or move for that matter. Any of ya'll experience this?


Patience - October 7

Sounds like you have a bladder infection. Get to the doctor soon because if you let it go, it will turn into a kidney infection which can be serious. I'm 27 weeks and have already had two!


Michelle - October 7 I am not crazy then?! I am waiting for the nurse to call me back.


Christy - October 8

Michelle, let me know what the doctor says. I have the same problem and nothing showed up on my urine culture. I'm starting to think this baby has done damage to my bladder!


Terra - October 9

sounds like a bladder infection to me, maybe you just need a simple prescription to amoxocillin or something, thats what I've taken since I've been pregnant, and they say it won't hurt the baby... Also ,start drinking cranberry juice everyday, and alot of extra water, I've found that if I get dehydrated, It makes that waaay worse


Dana - October 9

Hey girls. I went for my first u/s a few days ago and my baby is pushing it's head right onto my bladder. At times I feel tremendous preasure to pee and I will go and it will only be a few little sprinkles. Also my urine is very bright yellow. I think It might just be the position the baby is in that is making our bladders feel this way.


Michelle - October 10

Well I went and took the test, but no results yet. They prescribed me antibotics and I know I have one. I cant hold it and it burns when I go and burns so bad I wont even go. I dribble and stand up and have to pee again....its miserable. Have been taking antibotics so far, but they are not helping me much yet.



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