Bladder Problems

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me - May 1

anyone got bladder problems?im 23weeks and when my bladder is full it really hurts until i go to toilet.


Heather - May 1

I only have problems when I sneeze! Oh, the joy's of pregnancy.


Tarah - May 1

Lol to Heather! I haven't had that problem yet, but I know my turn's coming soon! To "me"- are you holding it until the last minute to empty your bladder? They say you should go to the bathroom when you first feel like you have to go. Holding it isn't good for you, so go ASAP when ya gotta go! Good luck!


rae - May 1

sure do I hope it goes away after the baby comes


Staci - May 1

Yes, it hurts me too, especially if the baby is "sitting on it". I am almost 19 weeks, you arent alone. poor dear. I call it the bladder dance *(like the river dance!) I started a similar thread abou this last friday.. wah.


Po - May 1

I had to take a long drive on a motorway yesterday, so on the way we stopped at a service station to go to the bathroom. I was only back on the road for about 10 minutes before the baby was jumping on my bladder and I had to go again! It was a 30 minute drive to the next stop, and I was in pain and breaking out in a cold sweat. Awful! I nearly didn't make it. Wish I could just have a colostomy bag fitted.


Jbear - May 2

When my bladder is full sometimes it triggers braxton-hicks. As far as sneezing, coughing or laughing goes, press your knees together before you sneeze, etc. and it should help. It does look funny, I crack up my coworkers doing it, but it's better than wet pants!


me - May 2



Lesley Ann - May 2

I am only 15 weeks pregnant and I notice that it's a bit painful when my bladder is full also (which is a lot). I am also leaking a bit of urine already. I find that Kegels are so uncomfortable but I am trying to do them anyway because I think my bladder is really weak. Good luck!


Staci - May 2

standing up helps a little.. the bladder spasms happen to me when i am sitting, but when i stand the bladder dance is a little bit better.


Kara - May 2

I'm 20 weeks and have same thing, have had since about 14 weeks, it's almost like a cramping pain except i get it even when my bladders only half full, i spend half my life in the toilet!:-)



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