Bladder Spasms Or Just Kicking

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ccfla - April 1

Does anyone get a strange sensation that feels like its in the bladder? It almost feels like a spasm or a real intense urge to urinate that just lasts a second or trwo, but I get them quite a bit. Or could this be the baby kicking me in the bladder. I'm 21 weeks. Thanks


maria - April 4

wow, i was just wondering the same thing. i am almost 16 weeks and i've been feeling that way too. my baby is bigger than normal. hopefully he'll even out.


rainbow - April 4

This might be a bladder infection


MichelleB - April 5

The same thing happens to me. I'm almost sure it's my baby kicking me. I feel movement in different parts of my abdomen also, but when the baby starts kicking on my bladder it feels so weird. It also makes me have to urinate. I'm 21 weeks also.


Foxy - April 5

Yes, I have the same sensation. It's probably the baby. I doubt if it's an infection, cos I've had one before and I know what that feels like. If it was an infection you would feel an unbearable urge to pee ALL the time. I mean every second of the day.


Nick - April 5

i am 20 weeks and have the same sensation. It is like a sudden urge to urinate and then it pa__ses. It is not a UTI. I have had two of these since the beginning of my pregnancy.


mandee - April 6

yes, the baby kicks my bladder alot. that can be the sensation you are feeling. annoying isn't it, lol?


danielle - May 10

My baby is kicking my bladder all the time. I think it is doing kick boxing in there and thinks that my bladder is a kicking bag! I also get that instant sensation to urinate and I'm glad to hear it's not only me!


Staci - May 10

I have been in two other threads here on the site, one ofwhich i started for the same reason. i thought itn was a freaky bladder spasm too and ran to the doctor two weeks ago. come to find out, its the baby resting on/kicking my bladder. it was really scary at first, but now that I know what it is, I try to change positions as soon as he starts messing with my bladder. its really uncomfortable when he does that, but there isnt much we can do except move around and hope the baby does the same! :) Im 20 weeks, and it makes me run to the bathroom, Ive had this since 18 weeks or so.


Staci - May 10

p.s. if its this bad now, imagine when they get to be a few pounds? lol! we will all be in depends diapers! are the rest of you short? Im only 5 ft tall and I wonder if thats what makes it so he has less room and has to kick my bladder. Talk about RUNNING to the bathroom!


KrisD - May 11

That happens to me and I have always a__sumed it's just the baby. I am 23 weeks and he's getting stronger and stronger. Just this week I have started running to the bathroom non-stop! Oh - and to staci, I am about 5'3".


LoLo - May 11

I'm 20 weeks today, and to my knowledge I really haven't felt the baby moving around. What I have felt is under my belly b___ton, a strange quick movement kinda like if you flick your belly, that's what it feels like. It doesn't hurt but it's always in the same spot, could this be the baby?


Josie - May 11

Me too...I am 25 weeks and I went to the doctor thinking I had a urinary tract infection (I thought the bathroom thing would subside by now) and it's not, just a big boy pushing his head on my bladder...thanks kiddo.



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