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Mirdarly - October 11

Hi All, I just started my 2nd trimester, I am just over 12 weeks and as I went to get dressed for work and there was some blood on my underwear. Now I have no pain and I am not bleeding profusely. What can it be? am I losing my baby?


sarah21 - October 11

If it's red blood, you need to call your Dr. If it's brown, it's probably nothing to worry about.


jennifer_33106 - October 11

Sarah is right! But regardless of color still call. They may give you another u/s. haha Im devious...... Get em where you can!!!! GL! I hope everything is ok!!!


Mirdarly - October 11

hey Sarah. it's red. I am going to see my doctor in about an hour. I am just real nervous


cynnababy - October 11

I am to wish you all the best. I had bright red bleeding when i was 11 weeks, and found out that I had Subchorionic Hemorrhage. The bleeding stopped after a couple of hours, and the baby is still doing good. I am almost 17 weeks now.


sahm2alaj - October 11

I had some brown spotting at around 12 weeks, turned out to be okay. Good luck to you and keep us posted.


Tory1980 - October 11

Any colour of spotting needs to be checked and if it has made it into your underwear it is heavier than what Doctors call spotting. They usually describe that as when you wipe. I had no pain and brown spotting twice, only when I wiped and a week apart from each other and it was a sign of miscarriage. I lost my baby at 14w4d so it is important to get checked over. It will hopefully mean nothing and all is well but no bleeding in pregnancy should be taken as 'normal'.


evae777 - October 11

i hope everything goes okay, keep us posted.


Mirdarly - October 12

hey guys, i did an us and the baby is fine. my ob said that s_x is what most likely caused it but the neck of my uterus is fine and has no blood and the baby is great :)


sahm2alaj - October 12

Great news!! I am glad everything is okay :)


Rainbowbrite - October 12

I am so glad you got good news.. God i cannot imagine what you were thinking... But everything is fine and you can relax now!!!


cynnababy - October 12

i am glad to hear that everything is good.



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