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mshiley - September 22

I am 19 weeks and my husband and I had intercourse last night for the first time in over a month. Afterwards, I had some bleeding. I wouldn't say it was A LOT (it wasn't running down my leg or anything), but when I wiped I had about 10 tissues full of blood (sorry if TMI ). Since then I have been spotting some, but it is brown, so I know it is just left over from last night. I called my Dr this morning, and he didn't seem too concerned. He said as long as I am in no pain, no cramping, and the spotting stops by the end of today, I shouldn't worry. He seems to think the blood come from vessels outside my cervix, which were irritated by intercourse, which is somewhat common. I am still very concerned and am thinking of calling on Monday morning and asking for an ultrasound to check my cervix and placenta placement. Especially since I haven't had one since I was 8 weeks, I just want to make sure that everything is as it should be. Has anyone else had this happen to them?


evae777 - September 22

i would follow your instincts and get that ultrasound...


Tory1980 - September 23

Yes but it was slightly further on in the pregnancy with my first and I was told that any bleeding in pregnancy - especially 2nd and third trimester it is a sign of a problem. I had a bleed at 29weeks in the shower - probably wasn't much but with all the water and the colour it looked like a lot and frightened the life out of me! When they scanned me they told me I had placenta previa (which corrected itself and I went on to deliver normally, but it was at 34weeks)and the bleed was from a partial placenta abruption. The amount of bleeding you had was more than just aggravating the uterus, it wasn't simply spotting after s_x. I would demand a second scan as you should have had one before now to check growth, nuchal fold etc. Also don't have s_x again until you are checked over properly just in case it is somethnig to do with the placenta. I am surprised that he didn't get you to come in just to get checked over. He can't a__sume something just over the phone.


sarah21 - September 24

I would say as long as it's brown, you're fine. When I got my Pap done last week (I am 14 weeks), I had some bleeding. The OB actually had blood on the Qtip things. She said that the blood vessels around the cervix are just really sensitive, and I am betting that's what's up with you. But if you're stressed out, then get an exam. That's what the Dr. is for!!


Skyla - September 25

This excact thing happened to me with my first and I must have been around 20weeks. After we had s_x I bled a bit and it happened a couple of times. It was nothing alarming but because it happened more than once I brought it up. My doc said that the vessels are super sensitve and because of increase of blood flow any abrasion (that would not have done anything post pregnancey) can bleed during pregnancy. She said to be gentler during. She recommended that if it kept happening to refrain from intercorse as to not basically chip away at the opening :) Well I was thinking at this point it's not like I'm the mood for wild on s_x so we mutally agreed to refrain until we had the baby. It was hard but baby was most important.


Cjordan - September 29

Hi mshiley- I also bleed right after s_x. I had it from the beginning--1st time maybe 7-8 weeks? And it was bright red and turned brown by the next day. It was gone by the 3rd day. Then it happened the next time we had s_x and I asked the Dr who wasnt concerned at all. She said it's common-and saw hb on the u/s. It happened a 3rd time but it really scares/bothers me-- so now we do the spoon position when we are in the mood. Never any bleeding with that! Im 20 weeks now and I would bet that I probably would still bleed with deep penetration, but Im too nervous about even trying after having 1 m/c. I think everything is fine with you!



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